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Did the OGB Screw These Up?

Two new projects have appeared on the 3200 block of M St. over the past month: All Saints, and Calvin Klein Underwear. In both cases, the design choices seem potentially troublesome. Did the OGB drop the ball by approving these projects?

All Saints is actually a pretty nice renovation. Between the old billboard-style type in the name across the top of the building and the repeating rows of sewing machines in the window, the building has a vaguely steam punk feel.

And that’s all great and definitely a step up from the generic look it had before. But doesn’t that black building paint give this tall building a rather looming feeling over the block. It has the potential to be a giant black hole in the middle of the streetscape.

The Calvin Klein Underwear store is troubling for a different reason. While Carol Joynt has complained about the anatomy lesson in the window, GM is concerned about the architectural features. The bay window was built to replace the faux-historic bay window that served the Body Shop. Continue reading



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Two New Stores May Come to Georgetown


GM has heard that two new stores may soon come to Georgetown: CB2 and something called “Calvin Klein Underwear.’

CB2 is a “younger and hipper” version of its parent store: Crate and Barrel. It leans towards more modern furniture than the parent store.

The store’s move to Georgetown is not final yet. EastBanc is currently negotiating with CB2 for the store to move into 3307 M St., next to the temporary Georgetown public library space. They are cautiously optimistic that a deal can be struck and the store opened in 2011. Continue reading


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