CB2 to Close

Another large retail space is about to become vacant: the CB2 is closing. Its last day of operations with be February 20th. GM is not aware of any tenants planning on taking over the space.

This spin-off from Crate & Barrel first opened in Georgetown in 2011. (It took over a space that was vacant long enough that GM has no records of what preceded it.) This space joins the Gap and Zara (not to mention large parts of the former mall) among the largest vacant gaps in the streetscape.

On the positive side, this space is owned by Eastbanc. And that firm has generally had success leasing out vacant space, either to long term tenants or to one or more short term pop-ups (as we’ve seen in Cady’s Alley). So perhaps it won’t be vacant long. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “CB2 to Close

  1. Brad Altman

    I believe the space was occupied by Staples

  2. 3307 M St MW was only built in 1991. In the 1970s it was Williams Chevrolet dealer. Washington Project for the Art (WPA)/Corcoran was there in the 2000s. Staples was there. The Georgetown Interim Library will open Dec. 15 at 3307 M St. NW, a former Staples store. It will serve the area until the renovation of the Georgetown Library is complete in 2010.

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