Library Cupola Restored

This week, the historic cupola of the Georgetown Public Library was finished and installed by HRGH Corp. The original cupola was destroyed in the 2007 fire:

The restored cupola is identical to the original. See if you can tell the difference:

It looks like there are just a few differences. The old one (one the left) had a bit more of a curve to the roof and was topped with slate. The new one has a bit more of a rounded off top and is covered in copper. Additionally the vents are painted green. Also, the new dormers look about six inches wider around each window.

All in all, a pretty great restoration job. It will surely heighten the anticipation for the reopening of the library, which is on schedule for September.



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2 responses to “Library Cupola Restored

  1. Phil

    The roof will develop the green patina and eventually match the green painted vents. Right now it creates a pretty dazzling reflection visible all the way up Wisconsin.

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