So You Think You Can Do a Better Job?


Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale have one of the most active and (in GM’s opinion) responsible ANC’s in DC. While GM has certainly had his complaints about certain decisions and commissioners, he generally thinks they’re a decent group of citizens who do a pretty good job within a legal entity that is, in many ways, functionally toothless.

But hey, maybe you think they an awful group of dictatorial killjoys and that you could do a lot better job. Well starting tomorrow, you can take your first step towards taking a shot. That’s when the District Board of Elections and Ethics allows you to start circulating a petition seeking signatures to get your name on the ballot. You only need to collect 25 signatures of people who live in your Single Member District (numbered 1 through 7 above).

As he said, GM generally thinks highly of the current commissioners, even though he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them at all times. But it is a democracy, and competitive elections are healthy for democracies. Two years ago, by the way, there wasn’t a single competitive election for ANC2E, unless you count SMD 3, where Bill Skelsey failed to qualify for the ballot and had to win a write-in contest against nobody else.

So, if you think you can do a better job, why not throw your hat in the ring?



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7 responses to “So You Think You Can Do a Better Job?

  1. Jonthan

    I hope your name is going on the ballot.

  2. Carol Joynt

    I ran for ANC once. My platform was preservation. I got slaughtered at the polls, but it was an interesting civic experience and I recommend it to anyone who has the time and energy. You never know, you might win!

  3. @ carol

    Carol, it is not too late to help with preserving the community of Georgetown. You can help by opposing the Georgetown University Campus Plan.

  4. Georgetown University is not the enemy.
    Georgetown University is one of the economic stabilizers to the community. It is a university with an unparalleled reputation. It is one of our greatest assests. ‘

    That being said, sure there are problems that arise between Town and Gown. I was under the impression we had made great strides in coordinating the university’s and the resident’s wishes. If more work needs to be done, then let’s get it done.

    The ANC is an advisory committee. They can only “advise” the city’s powers as to what the community wishes…….

    The ANC should “advise” the city powers to 1) not infill backyards with extended build outs on homes; to maintain our streets; to provide adequate police protection; to not issue any more liquor licenses; to demand that landlords maintain and refurbish their commercial properties and not let them fall in disrepair, i.e. Nathans.

    The GBA should STAND UP FOR THE MERCHANTS! The BID should support all efforts to improve the commercial sectors and to support the Georgetown Senior Center. Now that they don’t have to pay for Blue Buses, their coffers should be overflowing. Quit trying to “brand” Georgetown and get behind the small merchants, the independents and not just the chain stores.

    But I may be wrong.

  5. West Resident

    Georgetown University is not the enemy. That is correct. In fact there is no enemy. It’s only GU fanatic supporters that keep saying that “GU was here first”, “GU is not leaving”, “GU is not the enemy”.

    Residents are simply asking that GU becomes a responsible neighbor. It would take very little from GU to solve the problem. Yet they have decided long ago to let the neighborhood go to hell and pick up the pieces later in order to expand.

    Neighbors want GU to be responsible. GU wants neighbors to leave and turn Burleith and a large part of Georgetown into an extension of their dorms. It’s a simple as that.

    Please don’t list of the things they do to solve the problem. It’s mostly useless meetings and smoke in the eye. Just take a walk around blocks filled with students that are forced to find housing outside of campus. It’s gross!

  6. Put Linda Greenan and Grace Bateman in a room together and let them solve the problems. Linda representing GU, Grace representing the residents. Everybody else, keep out! I guarantee this whole thing would be resolved.

  7. not Dave

    Dave, your comments are weak, and quite honestly the University is more than willing to turn the entire community into a dorm. You should thank your neighbors who are fighting to protect the preservation of this community, especially those taking on the University.

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