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It’s Not Like You Have a Choice Anyway, But…

Next week is the general election, and Georgetown will go to the polls and decide who will serve on the ANC. The thing is, of course, that Georgetown doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. None of the seven seats are contested (although each has a candidate, which is more than can be said for some seats across town).

But notwithstanding the lack of a genuine competition, GM thinks an election is a good time to become more acquainted with your elected officials. So today he’s going to give his “endorsements” despite the meaninglessness thereof.

First up: SMD 2- Ron Lewis

SMD 02 Commissioner Photo

Ron has been representing SMD 2 since 2006. He served as chair of the commission this past term. He also serves on the transportation subcommittee.

Ron’s a great asset to the ANC. He runs the meetings efficiently and fairly, without allowing too many distractions slow down the meetings. He is a consensus builder. Best of all, from GM’s perspective, Ron is a forward thinker on transportation issues. While Ron is not ready to accept all of GM’s uber-urbanist suggestions, for a Georgetown ANC rep he is very enlightened.

On the downside, Ron’s wife is on the Old Georgetown Board, so he has to recuse himself from most of the OGB discussions. This takes away one opinion from the discussion, although in the interest of shorter meetings that’s arguably a pro. Also, while Ron is a progressive thinker on a lot of transportation issues, GM thinks he’s a little to gun-shy about shutting down streets for events. Also, he rightly took some heat from GU students for pushing a re-route of the GUTS bus which increases the length of the ride significantly. That was the wrong decision in GM’s opinion.

All in all, while he’s not GM’s rep, GM would be happy to vote for Ron if he could. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Circulator by EmilyHaHa.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • The Georgetowner waited until Monday to endorse Fenty. Way to not jump in too quickly!
  • Michael Savage’s ballot petition was successfully challenged, so his name will not appear on the ballot for SMD03. He’s contemplating a write-in campaign.
  • GM is guessing that about 42% of the voters from yesterday are starting to see the wisdom of GM’s point of view.

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So You Think You Can Do a Better Job?


Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale have one of the most active and (in GM’s opinion) responsible ANC’s in DC. While GM has certainly had his complaints about certain decisions and commissioners, he generally thinks they’re a decent group of citizens who do a pretty good job within a legal entity that is, in many ways, functionally toothless.

But hey, maybe you think they an awful group of dictatorial killjoys and that you could do a lot better job. Well starting tomorrow, you can take your first step towards taking a shot. That’s when the District Board of Elections and Ethics allows you to start circulating a petition seeking signatures to get your name on the ballot. You only need to collect 25 signatures of people who live in your Single Member District (numbered 1 through 7 above). Continue reading


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