Georgetowners Owe Almost $1 Million in Back Taxes

The District Office of Tax and Revenue auctioned off the tax liens on 2,717 properties last week (only 1,265 were actually sold). Of those 2,717 properties, 86 are in Georgetown. The combined back taxes owed on those properties is $919,401.79.

The average owed on each property was $10,690.72. The largest tax bill is owed for 1344 Wisconsin Ave., which housed Gala until it closed last year (which might explain the tax bill).

Here’s the complete list of delinquent properties (eyeballing it looks like they are mostly commercial properties):

GM got some complaints about the publication of the list, and after thinking about it more, he decided to take the list down. It’s still available in full here. So for those complaining to GM about their names erroneously appearing, take it up with OTR.



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6 responses to “Georgetowners Owe Almost $1 Million in Back Taxes

  1. Spire

    Oh, Marc. $349.50? How embarrassing.

  2. Ken Archer

    What was that people were saying about Georgetowners’ taxes paying for services for the rest of the city?

  3. Jack

    Topher –

    We all love gossip, but it strikes me as rather petty to air your neighbor’s dirty laundry. Yes, it’s public record, but…

    Let’s see how Furin’s treats you the next time you request their “best” table…

  4. A neighbor

    Topher –

    Thanks for the raw data. I know you are well aware that numbers in aggregate or averages are generally meaningless. This is why papers of record like The Washington Post have Data Base Reporters whose responsibility it is to make sense of numbers like these, and to see if there is a story in them. Then editors to review the work for accuracy and determine whether the foundation exists for an insightful article.

    In deference to our neighbors, I am pleased to see that you noted that most of these obligations are businesses.

    While the average is $10,690.72 – if you just take out the three largest – the average drops to $7,074.20.

    Always interesting to see how a small number of really big amounts can skew perception.

    If we dig in a little deeper we see that this might be beter represented as:

    29 – $1 to $1,000 – average $449.62
    16 – $ 1,001 to $ 2,000 – avg $1,882.19
    13 – $ 2,001 to $ 5,000 – avg $3,640.13
    5 – $ 5,001 to $10,000 = avg $7,086.56
    20 – $10,000 to $52,000 – avg $23,062.39
    3 – $80,000 – $141,000 – avg $110,747.68

    63 taxpayers (73% of the total) sit below the group average with 45 (or more than half of all taxpayers) owing less than $2,000.00; probably a missed late fee or interest. Of the 45 below the average – 29 or 64% owe an average of $449.62 – likely resolved prior to the tax sale date.

    We all know we live in a neighborhood of good and honorable residents and business owners. Sometimes some overlook things, or perhaps the economic conditions have hit some of your neighbors and business a little harder than you.

    We should all count ourselves lucky – and give our neighbors a break.

  5. GM

    Jack/a Neighbor,
    I think you make a good point. I wasn’t including this data to embarrass anyone. I just honestly thought people would want to see the raw data. Data which, among other things, demonstrates that the bulk of the properties have negligible amounts due.

    For the record, though, I really don’t think the Washington Post is exactly exemplary in its use of statistics. Look at just about any real estate article they write. Or crime stats article.

    And speaking of the Post, this data was published in the Post. The Washington Times. The Current. And the WBJ. So it’s not like I’m the only one publishing it.

  6. Jack

    “So it’s not like I’m the only one publishing it,” you said.

    Well… Like your Mother said, “If everyone else jumped off the bridge…”

    That the info was published elsewhere is beside the point. The Post (Ben B. aside) and the (thankfully soon-to-be ex) Washington Times are not neighborhood forums as is GM.

    Thank god Rev. Moon isn’t our neighbor. Speaking of which, did you know he has a couple of illigitimate children? Check-out this link:

    The point is that one neighbor doesn’t need to be contributing to the gossip mill concerning another.

    Now “thanks to you” I’ll probably be passing on this gossip sotto voce with Christiane Amanpour and George Will next time I run in to them at Furins.

    BTW – have you been into Furin’s yet since I brought your list to their attention? LOL! JK

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