Some Updates to “Aren’t They Building…”

Up above GM has a link to “Aren’t They Building…” where he lists various projects around Georgetown and when those projects might come to fruition.

GM’s got to update the list, here’s what’s new:

UGGs Store: Open

Serendipity3: Still no word around the rumor mill when it’ll open, but GM’s guess of summer 2010 was clearly off.

Madewell: Still no firm date, but again GM guessed wrong about a summer opening.

Jelleff Fields and pool: GM got one right there, they opened this summer as predicted.

Barbour: Another good guess, they opened late summer just as GM predicted.

Fillmore School condos: The deal was scotched.

CB2: This Crate and Barrell offshoot will likely be coming early next year.

Is there anything GM missed?


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8 responses to “Some Updates to “Aren’t They Building…”

  1. Sonny Mclean

    What’s going on at 1525 Wisconsin?

  2. Rebecca

    What about the Brooks Brothers?

  3. Michele

    What about Sprinkles?

  4. Kathy

    I heard an employee at J. Crew tell another customer this weekend that Madewell is supposed to open in a few weeks….

  5. PK

    The Sprinkles sign is up so that’s definitely soon – would love to know if there is anything going on with the former 7/11 space on Upper Wisconsin (it’s been vacant for YEARS!) as well as what’s coming to the Propper Topper space.

  6. GM

    Sonny: There is supposed to be a new restaurant going in there, but I haven’t heard much about that recently.

    Rebecca: Brooks Brothers isn’t supposed to get here until 2011 sometime.

    PK: Yeah, I think Sprinkles is 4-5 weeks away. I too have wondered about the old 7-11 building. It’s not really a great location, but something would be better than nothing.

  7. Sonny Mclean

    Thanks GM, but I have heard it is a women’s clothing shop…maybe even consignment. Just an FYI!

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