Three New Stores Open Up

As GM was biking up Wisconsin checking out the new CaBi stations, he noticed a trio of new stores that have rather suddenly swept in to Georgetown.

Muncheez Mania

The first is the somewhat unfortunately named Muncheez Mania at 1071 Wisconsin Ave. It advertises itself as a “hip and funky restaurant…offer[ing] fresh, homemade fare at a reasonable price in a lively, fast-casual dining environment.” DCist had this to say:

The main attraction is the hand-stretched bread called saj — a thin flatbread not unlike a pita, but stretched thinner and cooked on a saj (which looks like an upside down wok). The texture ends up being close to naan, but with the thinness of the pancakes you receive with Peking duck. The same dough is stretched less and baked in the oven for sandwiches and wraps.

Sounds tasty. And by staying open until 4:00 AM, this will likely be a popular post nightlife spot.

Interesting tidbit:

This is the work of Capital Restaurant Concepts, the people behind Paul Bakery, which should be opening up across the street later this year. It’s funny to think how this “hip and funky” and kinda tacky restaurant will be facing the (likely) staid and conservative Paul Bakery, yet have the same corporate parent.

And for what it’s worth, GM’s fairly certain that that sideways facing blade sign wasn’t approved by the OGB (or at least it shouldn’t have been).

Georgetown Candy

The second new place is Georgetown Candy. It’s where Yiro clothes was (Yiro’s owners merged Yiro into its sister store Tugooh Toys). And it’s basically exactly what it says it is: a candy store. Nothing fancy, just candy.

Interesting tidbit:

This is the second “Georgetown” this or that that has opened relatively recently. Earlier this summer we had the addition of Georgetown Scoops. Are they trying to ride the coattails of Georgetown Cupcake? (Or are all of them riding the coattails of Georgetown Bagelry?)

Ed Hardy

Ugh. Apparently Ed Hardy decided to move back into the space it abandoned last year.

Interesting tidbit:

Nothing. There is nothing interesting about this.

Although it does give GM an excuse to play this (NSF: profanity):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Medusa

    Openings always better than closings. Its been years since Georgetown had a street level candy store, so good news there. Agree re Ed Hardy. Was hoping that store was gone, baby, gone.

    GM, is CRC behind every eatery in Georgetown?

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