Breakfast in Georgetown

Photo by Kevindem.

Yesterday Georgetowner Carol Joynt profiled a few of her favorite breakfast spots in Georgetown for the New York Social Diary. They included Four Seasons, Furins, and Baked and Wired. It got GM wondering what his favorite breakfast spots are, and where other people like to fill up. So here in no particular order are the regulars on GM’s weekend breakfast cycle:

Furin’s: GM agrees with Joynt that Furin’s is special. It’s a classic diner offering all the basic breakfast fare. They’re prices are low and their service is really quick (sometimes too quick really). They offer an even larger lunch menu, but confusingly you have to order that up on the counter. All in all, it’s a quick and simple option.

J. Paul’s: J. Paul’s has a small but hearty breakfast menu. GM recently has taken to their Hangover Hash, a heavy scoop of gravy-soaked beef on an English muffin. You can normally get a table pretty quickly, which is a nice plus.

Kafe Leopold: Great German/Austrian fare. Good coffee and chic atmosphere. GM used to go here more, but then they changed their croque monsieur so that it now has mustard, which GM can’t stand.

La Madeline: French chain that cooks up a surprisingly good meal. The country French breakfast is a nice option.

Cafe Bonaparte: Another French option that specializes more on crepes. Very popular so wait for table is to be expected.

Le Pain Quotidien: Yet another French-sounding restaurant (although it’s actually Belgian). It’s a huge international chain, yet it maintains pretty good quality. Not really traditional breakfast fare though, more open-faced sandwiches and the like.

Clydes: A lot like J. Paul’s but much better. Unfortunately it’s also a lot more popular than J. Paul’s so you can expect a wait.

Hook: Not a place you’d think would have a good breakfast, but they actually have a small breakfast menu. Tasty if not a little too fancy.

That’s about it for GM’s regular rotation. Where do you like to grab breakfast?



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7 responses to “Breakfast in Georgetown

  1. I spotted James Rubin and Christiane Amanpour (and their dog) having early breakfast outside at Furin’s two Saturdays ago. You never know whom you might run into in the village 😉

  2. No wonder I don’t see you at Martin’s Tavern at breakfast time. You don’t go there!

  3. Well, the Roffman boys have been eating at Martin’s since 1966. Best eggs over easy in the city. Best coffee too.

  4. SG

    I was looking for a place in upper Georgetown to have breakfast (real breakfast, not brunch), and I could only find Georgetown Cafe and Cafe Bonaparte open. I really wish we had more true breakfast options around, rather than 11 am brunch spots.

  5. GM

    Ah yes, I forgot Martins. I do go there occasionally, but only when I’m on my own since my wife is not a fan. I find a lot of women don’t like it since they don’t offer much in the way of lighter fare.

    But when I’m on my own I like to grab the paper and sit in the rumble seat, which is normally open.

  6. Graham

    1. Patisserie Poupon for coffee and breakfast quiche.

    2. Booey’s for the “Atilla the Hun,” which has inexplicably been taken off the menu, but can still be had if you ask nicely.

  7. EastGeorgetowner

    Furin’s is a wonderful, family-run institution — not much like it in Georgetown — that we should all support!

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