DPW Cracking Down

Photo by Intangible Arts.

GM heard through the grapevine that the District Department of Public Works recently issued a series of $75 tickets to Georgetown residents for trash violations. Generally they have been for leaving trash in plastic bags on the sidewalk.

You might say “trash bags on the street? People do that all the time!” Yes, they do, but it’s not permitted. And this rule is not some arbitrary rule designed to catch people and ticket them. Trash in bags are an open buffet to rats. Rats like this:

Photo by KC Ivey.

Here are the rules from DPW:

  • Place trash and recycling containers out for collection after 6:30 pm the night before collection or before 6 am on collection day. Residents are required to remove trash and recycling containers from public space by 8 pm on your collection day.
  • Between collections, store trash and recycling containers on your property rather than in the alley or on the sidewalk. Otherwise, you may receive a solid waste ticket.
  • Paint your address on your trash and recycling containers and record the number that appears on these containers to help prevent theft or loss.
  • If your 32-gallon trash can, 96-gallon Supercan, or recycling container is missing, stolen, badly damaged, or if you need an additional trash or recycling container, call 311. Additional Supercans or replacement Supercans cost $62.50. Senior citizens (age 60 and older) will be charged $32.00 for an additional or replacement Supercan. Stolen Supercans will be replaced for a $20 delivery and handling fee. A police report is required. The 32-gallon trash can is free.
  • If a damaged Supercan can be repaired, DPW will make the repair for free.

To enforce the rules, DPW employees occasionally look through the trash bags to find evidence of who threw out the trash. This is creepy, but it’s what they’re supposed to do. If they didn’t do this, people would simply claim that the bag was from somebody else.

So be warned. If you don’t use your container, you could be facing a $75 fine. Plus, you’re feeding rats, and that’s even worse.

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