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DPW Cracking Down

Photo by Intangible Arts.

GM heard through the grapevine that the District Department of Public Works recently issued a series of $75 tickets to Georgetown residents for trash violations. Generally they have been for leaving trash in plastic bags on the sidewalk.

You might say “trash bags on the street? People do that all the time!” Yes, they do, but it’s not permitted. And this rule is not some arbitrary rule designed to catch people and ticket them. Trash in bags are an open buffet to rats. Rats like this:

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DPW Cracking Down

GM has heard word that several weeks ago a DPW inspector was going through Georgetown and giving fines to residents for violating trash disposal rules. Specifically, in at least one instance the inspector gave a $75.00 ticket to a resident of Volta Place for placing trash on the sidewalk in a plastic bag, as opposed to in a plastic container like the one above. (Apparently, the inspector was also seen cutting into the trash and looking at the mail to determine the house to which the trash could be attributed, a perhaps necessary but kind of creepy means of identifying the violator). Continue reading


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