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WMATA Planning Some Changes to Georgetown Bus Routes

As reported by GGW, WMATA is now considering some changes to a host of bus lines. Metro is characterizing the changes as “adjustments” but in many cases a better description would be “cuts”. And some of those cuts will fall on Georgetown bus riders. But some proposed changes may actually benefit them.

First the bad: Metro wants to cut back weekend late night service on the D2 (Glover Park-Dupont) and the G2 (GU-Howard U). From Metro’s memo, what qualifies as “late night” is not specified. But GM hopes it is after midnight, at least.

Also on the bad side: Metro wants to extend the headways (i.e. the wait between buses) on the morning D1 route (Glover Park-Fed Triangle) from 8 to 10 minutes. Continue reading


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Carrying Pizza on the Bus: Rude?

Pizzeria Paradiso Pizza by Joe Beone.

So, GM asked this question a long, long time ago, and he got some advice at the time, but he’s got more readers these days, and he needs some reassurances: Is it totally rude to carry a pizza on the bus?

See, GM has a Thursday night ritual. On the way home from work, he calls and orders a pizza from Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont. He picks it up when he gets out of the Metro and catches a bus home.

So for about five minutes GM is sitting on a relatively (or sometimes completely) full bus holding a hot pizza. It’s never anything elaborate, just a plain margherita. But it’s still a hot pizza and it can probably be smelled by anyone within a few feet.

Is this rude? Should GM just suck it up and walk the mile home?

OK, and if pizza’s ok, what’s not?


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How to Use Nextbus

At the top of the Georgetown Metropolitan has been a link to a page explaining how to use the test site for Nextbus. Once WMATA discovered that people were using the test site without their permission, they shut it down. Thus the instructions on GM’s page have been futile. But since July 1, Nextbus has been officially rolled out. Here is how to use it:

Step One:

Go to either WMATA’s page or Nextbus’ page. (GM will explain the benefits and drawbacks to each below)

Step Two:

Select your route.

Step Three:

Select your stop

Select your stop.

Step Three-and-a-half:

If you used Nextbus’ website, you need to select a destination. Select “Show predictions for all vehicles”.

If you’re using the WMATA site, just skip the destination choice.

Step Four:


Find out what your wait is. You should bookmark this page in order to skip ahead next time you need it, particularly if you have smartphone (GM has his most frequent bus stops bookmarked in his blackberry).

WMATA Platform vs. Nextbus Platform Continue reading

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