The Morning Metropolitan

Inside Filomena by Il Primo Uomo.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM knew this was probably coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier to accept that Riccardo and Laura Bonino are closing up Griffin Market. The landlord is trying to jack up the rent by 40%. This landlord lives in Palm Beach and clearly is an idiot. Moreover they clearly don’t give a crap about Georgetown. On a brighter note, the Bonino’s might move on to another project in Georgetown. More details as they come along.
  • Police raid Third Edition and, surprise surprise, they found a lot of fake IDs.


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4 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. EastGeorgetowner

    This is terrible news about the Griffin Market — is there anything we can do? Organize a letter to the landlord?

  2. PK

    Personally I am not that upset – although the food was delicious there were serious sanitary concerns and if you looked inside the market through the windows, it was always such a mess with newspapers, coffee filters, etc. all around. I once said that it would be nice if they could neaten it up and do a nice display, and they just didn’t seem at all concerned about presentation. That says a lot. Although I don’t agree they should have their rent increased, if they do open a new place, I hope they have higher standards.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    If it’s too messy for you, you are free not to frequent it — but the quality of the food and the convenience and neighborhood spirit was first-rate and a huge asset to the neighborhood, and we will lose out if they close or move to a location that is not as central. The presentation was in the food! One of the reasons why the store was not as nice as it could be was because the landlord refused to make basic repairs.

  4. PK

    I agree with you completely – I did stop frequenting it. That and watching a guy make my sandwich and literally eating the meat off the slicer while making my sandwich – it wasn’t just about presentation issues. Like I said, I think they are talented chefs – just needed better execution.

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