As Expected: All Pre-K Slots at Hyde Go to Neighborhood Kids

Yesterday the DC Public Schools announced the results of the 2011-12 out-of-boundary school lottery. As expected, every open slot in the pre-K class went to kids from Georgetown.

Unlike for kindergarten and above, kids in the neighborhood need to go through the lottery to get a slot in pre-K. Last year, there were 35 slots open. There were 28 kids from Georgetown that applied for those spots (four of those kids actually ended up on the waitlist. GM believes that occurs when the children get into a different school they ranked higher in the lottery).

To prevent more overcrowding at the kindergarten level, next year Hyde will only offer one pre-K class. That meant there were only 19 slots open for the lottery. This year 21 local kids applied (the extra two will go on the wait-list). That means every slot in the pre-K will go to an neighborhood child. GM’s not sure, but that may be the first time in decades that every space in a class year at Hyde is taken up by neighborhood kids.

The real question mark is now over next year’s kindergarten class. Last year, a huge influx of 20 local kids showed up who weren’t in pre-K (normally only 5-7 do). Was last year a blip or a sign of what’s to come. GM thinks that real demographic changes to the neighborhood suggest that it wan’t a blip, but time will tell.



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4 responses to “As Expected: All Pre-K Slots at Hyde Go to Neighborhood Kids

  1. RobRob

    Doesn’t it all really depend on whether that 20-student influx at the kindergarten level is a consistent trend? In last year’s lottery (for the current school year’s enrollment), they had 35 pre-K slots, so we can probably assume that the kindergarten class was projected for about 40-42 students. (The extra 13-15 in-boundary kids would have pushed the actual enrollment to about 55.)

    So let’s say that the school targets its kindergarten class sizes to be about 40-42 students. By reducing the pre-K class to 19, they’re effectively cutting off the out-of-boundary feeder stream at the pre-K level. But if the new in-boundary kids at the kindergarten level drops back down to 10 for the 2012-2013 academic year (which is still about twice the normal rate), that still leaves 11-13 slots for out-of-boundary students.

    Last year’s pre-K lottery (for this year’s current class) had 35 slots with 24 in-boundary students. That also left 11 slots for out-of-boundary students.

    So if the enrollment numbers settle back down, there will still be room for out-of-boundary students at about the same numbers as before. But if the influx remains high, the school will be better able to control the actual size of the class because they simply won’t have the spots to offer and won’t be committed to educating the out-of-boundary kids from pre-K.

  2. GM

    Yes, that is exactly right. By reducing the pre-K slots, Hyde gives itself more flexibility at the K level by not committing to enroll a certain amount of OOB students a year earlier.

  3. RobRob

    I guess my point is that they’ve essentially ended the Pre-K lottery as an entry point for OOB students, but haven’t necessarily eliminated OOB slots overall.

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