Georgetown Homeowner Crowdsources Paint Choice

GM received this great photo from reader Michael Kessler this weekend. It’s of a house on 33rd just north of Prospect. They’ve painted several spots on the front of their house with the six colors they’re apparently considering to use to repaint their house. They’re asking neighbors to vote on which color to use by leaving a chalk mark on their pick.

So far they’ve got a bunch of votes, but the slightly darker blue-gray is pulling ahead of the slightly darker taupe, which is far back in 2nd place.

This looks like such a popular experiment that it might end up having a larger voter turnout than the actual election we’re holding next month. GM’s only half kidding about that.

This may be a great new model for design approval in Georgetown. We could ditch the Old Georgetown Board. You want a new roof? Put up four photos and some chalk. It could work…


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3 responses to “Georgetown Homeowner Crowdsources Paint Choice

  1. RNM

    Well, this only works for paint color. Years ago I had a conversation with Jonda McFarlane, then my ANC Rep, and she explained that while Georgetown is a Congressional Historic District that has no impact on paint colors. Her comments were that a person or business could paint their building poka dots if they wanted and there was nothing the ANC or the city could do about it. Note the decade old graffiti art covered house in the 3400 block of P Street.

    That being said, some of the automatic no rulings on changes, even changes such as replacing widows in kind (exact size, wood, same mullions, etc…) does make the process one that encourages people to do work without full permits. The old adage of easier to ask forgiveness than permission comes to mind.

    Personally, I like the second from the right and since I have to drive by it all the time…my vote should count extra. 😉


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