Despite Rumors, Serendipity 3 Apparently Still Coming

Serendipity3 Sundae by Joanna8555.

It was over a year ago when Rodrigo Garcia and Britt Swann signed a lease for the old Nathans building with plans to open a branch of the famous Serendipity 3 ice cream parlor. The first reports said they could be open as late as late spring 2010. Then it was maybe that summer. Then the fall. And so on. Thirteen months later, the building looks brand new but the restaurant still hasn’t opened.

The long delay has led to a whole cottage industry of rumors. Many of which find their way to GM. The most recent rumor suggested that Serendipity 3 was pulling out of the project and that if something opened there at all, it wouldn’t be the ice cream parlor.

So GM asked Swann to confirm or deny the rumors, and it was a decisive denial. According to Swann, the project is still all set to go. They’ve even hired 75 people (not including the executive chef and the pastry chef who apparently relocated to here from Las Vegas where they worked in the Serendipity at Caesar’s Palace).

According to Swann, the one hold up is the HVAC system, which is newly installed. Apparently it is too strong and overpowers the duct work making it too loud.

While GM has mixed feelings about the prospect of a restaurant like Serendipity 3 in Georgetown, he certain wants to see that corner re-activated as soon as possible. He hopes it really is just an HVAC problem and that it will finally open.



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