Georgetown to Get Two More Bikeshare Stations, But Locations Lacking

Photo by Jasonpier.

Yesterday, DDOT announced the proposed location of 25 more Capital Bikeshare locations. Of those, two are going to be in Georgetown. This is great news. What’s not so great is where DDOT is planning to put them.

In January, as a result of efforts mostly from Ken Archer, the ANC approved a resolution asking DDOT to consider putting Bikeshare stations at four locations: the sidewalk outside Hyde-Addison, the playground of the Jackson School (across from Montrose Park), the Georgetown Library, and the sidewalk of M St. just west of the Rock Creek bridge. Each of the first three of those locations was vetted with the stakeholders and even representatives of DDOT. So they weren’t merely idle wishes for locations. The last location was added by ANC commissioner Tom Birch because, hey, it’s probably a great location if a station could fit.

No one from DDOT promised that Georgetown would get any stations, let alone at these recommended locations. But it seemed reasonable to assume that if DDOT gave Georgetown more stations that they’d put them at locations specifically requested through a diligent process.

So it came as a surprise to see that DDOT is proposing putting two stations at locations not even previously considered. They recommend putting a station at the intersection of Reservoir and Wisconsin and a station along P St. near the Rock Creek Parkway exit.

Both these locations have significant problems.

Intersection of Reservoir and Wisconsin:

  • Pros:
    • Near the library
  • Cons:
    • Not right next to the library, somewhat defeating the point of being near the library
    • Not really near much else
    • Square in the middle of a pedestrian deadzone, few people walk along this stretch
    • Very dangerous intersection
P St. and Rock Creek Parkway
  • Pros:
    • Entrance of Rose Park
    • Good connection towards Dupont and beyond
  • Cons:
    • Not really near many Georgetown residents
    • Still very much on the periphery of the neighborhood
    • Will likely be opposed strongly by the Friends of Rose Park
In the end, the problem with both these locations is that it still leaves a huge hole in the middle of Georgetown with a long walk to a station. This hurts both residents and people who want to visit Georgetown.
Of the locations recommended by the ANC, none is quite as needed at the Hyde location. It is central, but it would serve both residents and visitors well. And it will put a station square in the middle of the huge hole.
The decision isn’t final, and there’s still time to convince DDOT to reconsider the proposed locations. If you have suggestions yourself, email it to


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10 responses to “Georgetown to Get Two More Bikeshare Stations, But Locations Lacking

  1. andy

    Agree that the Resevoir Road location is terrible. The library should be a priority location – in fact all libraries should be priority locations. Knowing that there will always be a CaBi stop at library will help drive traffic/use to libraries and if you are a library goer you will know where a good proportino of CaBi stops are.

    Marvelous Market is another logical stop that is surrounded by businesses and very central.

    With a stop a block of M and Wisconsin – there is a very central CaBi stop in Georgetown. And another down by the water – which is where the BID should push development/transit options in case the freeway is ever removed.

  2. Thinking more about it, the corner of Reservoir and Wisconsin actually might not be the worst stop. It is actually at the back entrance to Book Hill Park, a.k.a. the library’s backyard. And anyone who can ride a bike can probably walk the stairs to the library through the park.

    However, it’s a stop that would make more sense if there were additional stops in Georgetown (e.g., Marvelous Market, Five Guys and/or Hyde-Addison), as other than the library and the Book Hill shops, it doesn’t really provide much in the way of destinations. As one of 5 Wisconsin Ave stops between the waterfront and Safeway, it would be great, and could drive more traffic to the nearby shops. But in isolation, it’s mostly just good for the people who live nearby.

  3. Meant to include this in my previous comment, but I also would guess that this spot was selected, rather than in front of the library, because it is a little farther away from the existing spot at Safeway, and also because it would potentially be closer to Wisconsin Ave, and thus more visible, than a library spot.

    Not saying it’s ideal, but trying to guess the intent.

  4. GM

    Jacques, I agree with you completely. This would make sense as Georgetown’s 9th or 10th stop, not its 5th.

  5. LB

    Why not a Volta Park location? There is plenty of space and it seems like a rather neglected area of the neighborhood.

  6. GM

    LB: Volta Park would make a lot of sense, but there’s not space there just yet. There are long term plans for some renovations there, which will likely make room for a station. So, yes good idea, but not just yet.

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