Georgetown to Get Just One New Bikeshare Station in Next Expansion

Photo by Jasonpier.

DDOT announced yesterday the location of 32 new Capital Bikeshare locations (and 18 expansions of current stations). Georgetown is getting only one new station (and one expansion). The new station will be at M and Pennsylvania and the station on Wisconsin by the canal will be expanded. The expansions should take place this fall.

Back in April, DDOT initial proposed this expansion, and included two proposed locations for Georgetown. They were the north end of Rose Park and the Long and Foster parking lot. Both of these proposed locations were problematic for different reasons GM discussed back then.

In a way, DDOT’s decision for Georgetown is a win and a loss. Bikeshare proponents (including GM) lobbied DDOT to reconsider the proposed locations and put the Rose Park station at M and Pennsylvania and the Long and Foster station at Hyde. The ANC–which has been the most proactive ANC in the city for inviting Bikeshare–also supported this position. So getting a station at M and Pennsylvania is great. It will no doubt be one of the most popular stations in the system (particularly once the M st. cycletracks are built).

And the expansion of the Wisconsin Ave. station is also good. It already is on the larger side, but its selection for expansion indicates that it too is one of the most active stations.

But DDOT didn’t give Georgetown a station at Hyde. And it didn’t even give us the initially proposed Long and Foster station. So that’s a definite¬†disappointment.

DDOT has said there will be even more expansions planned, and with the expansion of Bikeshare into Rosslyn additional stations in west Georgetown will be likely. So this is not likely the end to Bikeshare expansion into Georgetown, but it’s the end for right now.


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