Paul Bakery Finally Opening

The other day, GM reported that Serendipity 3 was still full steam ahead, even though they have suffered some rather lengthy delays. Right across the street is another proposed restaurant that has been even longer in the offing: Paul Bakery.

Way back on March 2009, GM first reported that Capital Restaurant Concepts was planning on opening a bakery in the old City Tavern Club kitchen (the space just south of Banana Republic). Two years of starts and stops later, and the restaurant is finally ready to open. Specifically, next Tuesday.

Paul Bakery is part of an international chain. It’s akin to Pain Quotidian in that it’s a European chain, but it’s actually pretty nice. Only a few branches have opened in the U.S., but GM hears that this one should be even nicer than those other ones since unlike the other this one is actually owned by the company. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

Either way, it seems like this should be a nice new breakfast option for Georgetown.



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13 responses to “Paul Bakery Finally Opening

  1. Bonjour! I’d like to clarify that the 1st PAUL bakery-cafe to open in DC will be in PENN QUARTER

  2. Bonjour! We at PAUL Bakery-Café are excited by your enthusiasm for our Georgetown store…. but we’d like to clarify that the 1st PAUL bakery-café will open in DC on Monday, May 2, 2011 in PENN QUARTER (801 Pennsylvania Ave. NW), in the Market Square Complex which also hosts the US Navy Memorial. PAUL, France’s leading bakery, is an authentic family-owned boulangerie (Bakery-Café) that delivers the highest quality, freshly-baked bread & pastries in a traditional French bakery environment.
    PAUL will be open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. Our 2nd store in DC will indeed be the Georgetown location that you have written about… and we are hoping to have it open by late summer. In the meantime, please venture to downtown in the direction of The National Archives bldg… we’re located right across the street!

  3. Charlie Eason

    Hmm….and I was thinking that the “Paul” might have something to do with Paul the president of Restaurant Concepts. What a coincidence!

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  5. nancy

    While worthy local businesses struggle to stay, we hail the arrival of more chains that supplant local real estate, charge more and care less about neighbors, friends and customers. I encourage the G-town world to continue to have their great breakfasts at Furin’s . What chain has the consistent familiar smiles, staff, delicious pancakes, lunch salads and will go out of its way to treat customers as neighbors and bring food its ill patrons? I and so many others have had the benefit of the care, friendship, great breakfasts, cupcakes and good food from Furin’s.

  6. carol Joynt

    More like Furin’s, more like Poupon, more like Leopold’s…and fewer chains, please.

  7. GeorgeM

    The Paul Bakery will not be a threat to any local bakeries or restaurants. Its US branches leave a lot to be desired quality, price and service-wise. I give it a year at best.

    I wish Au Croissant Chaud or Patisserie-Cafe Didier could be resurrected; both of which were very popular with neighborhood residents. In the meantime, Baked & Wired offers the best baked goods in the neighborhood (although it is still tough to find a great croissant or baguette locally).

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  11. Retail Ninja

    Furin’s building has been sold and will be closing at some point.

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