Updates to Aren’t They Building

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At the top of this page there’s a link to another page called “Aren’t They Building” where GM lists various proposed projects around town. He would love to keep it up to date, but he only gets around to it occasionally, like today. Today, however, there aren’t too many updates, but there are some.

Serendipity 3

GM predicted Summer 2010, then fall 2010, and then January 2011 (with a question mark). Well this week the store finally had a soft open, however, GM hears behind the scenes turmoil is still delaying a full-scale open. Notwithstanding this, it should finally be genuinely open next week or the week after, but you never know.


GM last predicted it would open in February. They opened March 3. Close enough.

Brooks Brothers

GM predicted a most recently a fall 2011 opening.  That still is the smart pick (and GM hasn’t checked it recently, but he thinks that’s what the signs on the building say).

Paul Bakery

GM first predicted November 2010, and then spring 2011. Obviously neither came true. A rep left a comment saying that they hope to open by late summer.


GM thought it wouldn’t be open until June 2011. It opened at the end of April.

Calvin Klein Underwear

GM predicted fall 2011 and he’s sticking to that.

Georgetown Waterfront Phase II

GM predicted late 2010, than early 2011. It probably would have made these dates if they didn’t run into complications from previously undiscovered foundations of the Capital Traction Power Plant. However, after they secured financing, the project moved ahead and should be finished by August.

Georgetown Post Office

GM thought early 2011 at the earliest. Again, that obviously didn’t happen. The design concept was only just approved by the Old Georgetown Board. So construction probably won’t be completed until late 2012.

New Additions:

All these projects were already identified by GM. There have been a few new projects that have emerged since GM last cleaned up the list. They are:

  • All Saints: This British clothier is moving in where MACClub Monaco used to be. It should be open by late summer towards early fall.
  • Billy Reid: Another clothier, it’s going in where Riccardi used to be on M St. GM predicts fall for this one.
  • Jack Wills: Another British clothier, going in where Tommy HillfigerOO Salon is. GM only just heard about this the other day, so he doubts it will be open until this winter.
  • Saigon Bistro: This restaurant is moving in to the forlorn space previously containing the hidden gem, Arisu. It looks like it should be open pretty soon.
  • Fuhggetaboutit: Discussed a lot yesterday, this pizza place is moving in to the old Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory building. GM bets it will be open by the late summer.
  • Michael Kors: This clothing store from a Project Runway host is moving in to the old White House/Black Market space (which was a Chico’s before that). This will probably be done relatively soon.
  • International House of Pong: This concept restaurant is supposed to mix ping pong and food. They applied for a liquor license, but GM hasn’t heard anything since. He’s predicting an indefinite hold for now.
GM thinks that’s about it. Anything he’s forgetting?
Update: Here are a couple GM forgot:
Ice Berry is going in where Originals was. GM guesses a summer opening.
Z-Burger is maybe going in where Aashik is. GM guesses fall at the earliest.
Rag & Bone has opened where MAC used to be.
It’s Athleta that is going where Tommy Hillfiger is (at least according to the ANC agenda)
O’Bsweet Pies is supposedly opening up on Prospect St. somewhere (the Georgetowner reported it was “3833 Prospect” but that address doesn’t exist) and is supposed to be open this summer.


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7 responses to “Updates to Aren’t They Building

  1. Tone Loco

    GM: just a correction — I think Rag & Bone opened where the MAC space used to be (and I saw that MAC moved across the street). AllSaints is moving in to Club Monaco’s old space (which makes sense since, by this post, it looks like all the new Brit clothiers are grouping themselves on that stretch of M St west of Wisconsin). Any updates on possible Target and Bloomingdales moving in to the mall?

  2. Retail Ninja

    Jack Wills is going where O Salon is.
    Allsaints, where Club Monaco was.

  3. GM

    Oh that’s right. I get them mixed up.

    No word on Bloomingdales or Target. With a behemoth like Vornado now controlling the mall, it may be tougher to get info out of them.

  4. carol Joynt

    Time for a label check: How much of the merchandise in the “Brit” stores will actually have been manufactured in the U.K.?

  5. Dave

    im surprised G’town doesnt pull the ultra high end shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc…any ideas why? This place seems like a natural rodeo drive, beacon hill, etc etc?

  6. O Salon is going to O Street next to Georgetown Antiques. Owner Bobby Novel is the best hair stylist in DC. And one of the nicest gents you will ever have the privilege of knowing.

  7. Retail Ninja

    There are a few luxury retailers looking at Georgetown….announcements in the fall, probably. Also, a few new start-ups (read: mom and pops) coming.
    Will post when confirmed.

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