The Morning Metropolitan

Pinball Museum by Chris DiGiamo.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:



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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Randy Roffman

    Messers Vornado… tear down this Mall !

  2. RNM

    Interesting. Was not surprised that a failed business woman who couldn’t make a go of Nathan’s decided not to post a comment critical of her myopic view of Georgetown. A person who can’t successfully keep their business going, even with all of their connections, is telling the new owners of Georgetown Park Mall not only that they are evil for thinking of letting a useful store like Target in and for kicking non rent paying entity like the Pinball Museum out…but that they should “tear down the mall” and build something more to her liking at the cost of millions. I guess if I ran a business that rented its venue I would ask for free rent and special treatment too…but to call out a landowner for wanting rent…what is next?

    I am sorry that Mrs. Joynt was so blind as to the financial affairs in her marriage, but must she bring her ignorance to the rest of us by asking businesses to turn away money in favor of failure…or even worse spend money to make the failed business owners happy. No wonder she seems to have deleted my comment…and so it goes. Nobody likes to be called on their failure to understand basic economics. And while we are at it…I think I will head down to Serendipity 3 for a snack tomorrow….which will basically equal the number of times I entered Nathans in the 20 years I lived here while it was open.


  3. asuka

    The Pinball Museum? Is this really the latest nonissue a small, vocal minority of gadflies are getting their panties in a bunch about? Maybe taking up a hobby would help these people occupy their time in a more healthy, constructive manner.

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