ANC Preview: Georgetown Gets More Britisher Edition

Union Jack by Iker Merodio.

Next tuesday, the ANC will be meeting for its June session. Note the shift from the normal Monday spot in order to avoid making people choose between civics and Memorial Day barbecues. It will be at the normal time and place, though, which is 6:30 at Visitation.

The agenda’s a full one, but one relatively small item jumped right out at GM. Apparently the British clothing store Jack Wills is planning on moving in where the O Salon used to be (just south of M on Wisconsin). This is the third highish-end British clothier to move into Georgetown in the last year or so. The others are Barbour–which is open–and All Saints–which is opening soon. Add to that Brooks Brothers, which is about the most Anglophilic of American stores, an a full-blown British invasion.

On more domestic fronts, the ANC will return to the touchy subject of triathlons. Starting last year, the ANC put a flag down and made it clear that they would ask any organization that requested to close Georgetown streets what their charitable donations were. This policy ran smack into the DC Triathlon and the Nations Triathlon, both run by an organization owned by ABC Board chairman Charles Brodsky. In December, when Brodsky presented his plans for the triathlons, he was grilled by the ANC about how much his organizations give to charity. Following that tense interaction, Brodsky stuck around for the rest of the meeting, during which time several ABC issues were discussed. This grew into a bit of a controversy over conflicts of interest, which ultimately resulted in Brodsky recusing himself from some Georgetown ABC matters.

Ultimately the DC Triathlon was approved by the ANC. But that still left the Nations Triathlon, which is scheduled to take place on September 11. That race is now on the agenda. Will it be tense as the December showdown, or will it be a PR affair like it was in January? We’ll see.

Some other tidbits:

  • Looks like Tommy Hillfiger may be replaced by something called Athleta, which apparently is a women’s yoga and athletic wear store not to be confused with Lululemon Athletica, which is just a block away.
  • Something called “Fuhgetaboutit NY Pies” is moving into the old Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory. GM heard that a New York burger joint called Bill’s Burgers was supposed to move in there, but he hasn’t heard much recently. But it could be that this cringe-worthily named pizza place is going into the old Philly Pizza space on 34th.



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7 responses to “ANC Preview: Georgetown Gets More Britisher Edition

  1. Randy Roffman

    Fuhgeddaboudit!… is William Safire’s approved spelling. Wassmatta, cantchu wise guys spell?

  2. Better than more ice cream parlors and cupcake kitchens.

    Still waiting for BID’s “rebranding” of Georgetown. What was the outcome of that?

  3. Tony

    Hello Georgetown! Coming soon site &blog.

    Fuhggetaboutit NY pizza( is not your typical pizza chain!
    We will be serving unfailing goodness of real authentic NY style pizza that is handcrafted and baked in traditional style old school brick oven.

    We will be making stretching our own Fior Di Latte (Fresh mozzarella) in full view of our customers. Our obsession with traditional old world quality – locally sourced organic products (when available)-organic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany Italy- homemade fresh dough, and NYinized water will make as an apart. Not to mentioned 18 years of Pizza Experience to perfect the recipe.

    Everything will be made in house from scratch.

    We can promise Fuggetaboutit Pies will be the best NY Style Pie you will ever eat outside of NY.
    Back to basics of making great NY pies!
    Can’t wait to serve!

  4. Charlie Eason

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but duty calls. Just exactly is “NYinized water?”

  5. Tony

    Yes we are taking the whole first floor. We won’t be serving pizza from 34th st former philly pizza side. That area will be our trash& storage area.
    We will be serving pies only on m st.

    Nyinized water: special filtration system that adjust the ph level to NY water and purifies it.

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