The Georgetown Metropolis

2700 block of Poplar La.



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  1. David Abrams

    Poplar Street is a wonderful little oasis of a street; I lived on it for 5 years a while back. It’s too bad that one of the neighbors who fronts onto P Street is wanting to cut down one of the huge, old “special” trees which provides a canopy for practically the entire street. If they get their way, it won’t be this shady next year.

  2. Malcolm Odell

    Almost as bad as losing one of the great trees on charming Poplar Street will be that it will only go further to expose the not-so-beautiful (ugly) canopy of 132 telephone and cable company wires that hang over this lovely lane. Four years of struggle, complaints, meetings, talk, talk, talk and the wires all remain overhead. Some of them even pulling telephone poles up against residents’ roofs….
    What does it take to get action around something as outrageous as these wires?
    And what’s to stop someone from cutting down a beautiful tree that shades the lane?

  3. David Keller

    As I understand it, this is an American Elm, virtually extinct, exept in WDC where they are kept alive by the park service at great expense.
    There are two endangered giants in Georgetown that I know of, this one on Poplar and the other behind houses on 30th south of O Street.
    We plant new trees at great expense, why aren’t we as a community willing to care for these ancient beauties if the property owners are unable or unwilling?

  4. GM

    David, you’re right that the American Elm is virtually extinct across the country, but it’s decently prevalent in DC. In Georgetown Q St. has a couple dozen of them, which are kept healthy by the city. There are more scattered all throughout DC.

    That said, there are laws about cutting down trees even when they’re on your property. Here’s an article I wrote talking about that:

    It’s towards the bottom.

    Unfortunately there’s nothing to be done about a tree owner who neglects a tree and lets it die.

  5. Katherine

    This is breaking my heart. We must save this beautiful tree!

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