Find Your Block Captain

Through its Public Safety program, CAG organizes the efforts of volunteers willing to serve as Block Captains. The individuals take it upon themselves to act as micro information bureaus for a block, or two (or three). In some cases they form email chains or even organize periodic meetings in discuss public safety issues.

They try to keep an eye out for everyone on the block, but you can benefit even more by reaching out to them and letting them know how to contact you. Here is the most recent list of Block Captains, and how to reach them (if it’s too small to read, you can just view the document here):

GM received a request to take down the list since it has personal email addresses on it. GM assumed since they were published on the CAG website that the captains were ok with it. If you want to know who your block captain is, email GM at and he’ll let you know. Alternatively, they are listed in the most recent CAG newsletter.

As you can see, there are a bunch of blocks without volunteers. If one of those blocks is your own, maybe you’d be willing to step forward. If so, contact the CAG office at 337-7313 to let them know you’re interested.


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3 responses to “Find Your Block Captain

  1. Carol Joynt

    Amusing that it’s okay to have a public address on the CAG website but not on TGM. Hmmm. Does that tell us who has more traffic? A Georgetowny compliment.

  2. Charles.Eason

    Locking the barn door….

  3. RNM

    Another reason I find CAG a joke. I always get a laugh out of their solicitations to pay for some security patrol…what don’t we have a police force in DC and don’t we live in a very safe part of town? Never heard of the block captains before this post…despite 20 years on my block don’t recognize the name of the person who is my block captain…certainly don’t see them out there tending to the tree boxes, picking up the trash, etc…oh that is because I am doing that. Like I said, CAG is a joke.

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