Top Five Biggest Property Tax Bills in Georgetown

Photo by AlanCleaver_2000.

Next week, GM is heading out of town for a vacation. Not one to allow radio silence, GM prepared a series of posts to run in his absence next week. The focus will be on real estate. While doing some research, GM came across a list of the top five real estate bills in Georgetown, and he decided to share it.

So without further ado, here they are:

#5 – 2920 R St. – $86,514.70

This is the Beale-Washington House, which many Georgetowners simply call “Katharine Graham’s House”. Nowadays it’s owned by Mark Ein.

#4 – 1617 29th St. – $88,330.30

One block over from the Graham house, this is the huge house that was built by one of the founders of IBM.

#3 – 1623 28th St. – $125,240.02

One more block over is the famous Evermay estate.

#2 – 3124 Q St. – $201,518.16

Still in the houses-so-famous-they-have-names category, at number two is the Bowie-Sevier house on Q across from Tudor Place. It was sold by Herb Miller to Robert Albritton for $25 million in 2007.

#1 – 1310 Wisconsin Ave. – $391,275.00

And at the top of the list is the Georgetown Inn with a whopping $391,275 property tax bill.

GM will note that this list does not seem to relate to what these properties owe on an annual basis. They seem way too high for that. For instance, a commercial property tax bill of $391,275 would imply a property assessment north of $20 million, but the Georgetown Inn is only assessed at about $11 million. Maybe this value includes a transfer tax or something. So take this list with a grain of salt.



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2 responses to “Top Five Biggest Property Tax Bills in Georgetown

  1. paul smythe

    what about 1617 28th street?

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