The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Daquella Manera.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM’s not really sure where to start with this one. Apparently a British newspaper wrote an article about the concept of shoplifters using Twitter to organize flash mobs to descend on a store, overwhelm the staff, and make off with some merchandise. But to do this, they (remember “they” is a British newspaper, which generally covers, you know, British or important international news) discuss a recent shoplifting episode at Victoria’s Secret in our little Georgetown. The mob that descended? Four people, with two baby carriages. Four people apparently is British for “mob”.
  • As expected, the Georgetown Post Office is not among those in DC being considered for closing. The USPS, however, is still planning on selling the property to EastBanc, but the post office functions will remain.


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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. EastBanc to buy our Post Office. Wow. Maybe they will serve pastries from Leopold’s and have a private room where we can buy our stamps instead of waiting in line with the riff raff.

  2. Carol Joynt

    Maybe EastBanc will improve the service and attitude. With the exception of one long-time employee, the experience there is reliably maddening.

  3. asuka

    Four is a mob, and these “youth” mobs have been perpetrating these sorts of crimes in and around Georgetown all summer. Its unfortunate that it takes the foreign press to report what our local press ignores.

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