ANC Preview: Back to Work Edition

Next week, ANC2E returns to action for its September session (yes, it will still be August, go with it). The first meeting after the August layoff is always long and painful, and this year is no different.

ANC Redistricting

GM will probably write something about this this week, but in short: the lines of the ANC’s individual districts (the Single Member Districts, or “SMDs”) need to be redrawn to reflect the new census numbers. The committee formed to recommend a new map has made its initial decision. The proposed map is mostly similar to the old one except that all the students who live on campus would be in two student-only district. The only other significant change would be to stretch SMD 5 (which is mostly Georgetown below M St.) up into the East Village.

An alternative plan has also gained support on the committee, but failed to win a majority of support. It was drafted by Georgetown Voice blog editor John Flanagan. It also creates two student-only districts, but then takes some of the dorms that are outside the gates and joins them with homes in the West Village. This would result in mixed district that would have the potential to result in a third student commissioner. (Both plans call for the addition of a new eighth commissioner.)

Each plan has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and as mentioned, GM will go into them a bit more later this week. But either way, the ANC will present the draft plan (i.e. the first one) for public comment. It does not plan to propose any resolution on the plan, however.

The Streets of Georgetown

A new concept store called “The Streets of Georgetown” is coming in to the space recently vacated by Reiss. Here’s how the Post described it:

Housed in the former Reiss clothing store at 1254 Wisconsin Ave. NW, the Streets of Georgetown is to feature the assorted collections of brands such as Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx and Bobby Jones.

Each label has its own unique style and price point to appeal to a broad audience. Whereas a Hickey Freeman suit can run anywhere from $1,300 to $3,000, shoppers can pick one up by Hart Schaffner Marx for $700 to $900. And for those men who only wear suits to funerals and weddings, there will be an array of polos and chinos.

It’s a silly name and GM’s not so sure about the concept, but it could work well as it tries to cash in on the growing men’s fashion market in Georgetown. Along those lines, Jack Spade is going to move in to where the atrocious Ed Hardy store used to be.

Cecil Place

As reported by GM, a new building is planned for the corner of Cecil Place and Grace St. The neighbors are concerned about the size and the blank wall it would present to the street. This project will receive its first ANC consideration this meeting.



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