Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Dumbarton

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This week for Not So Long Ago, GM moves down Wisconsin Ave. a bit further. The main subject of the photo was the subject of some recent news: the old Georgetown Theater.

As you can see, while the theater (and more particularly the sign) wasn’t in great shape in 1993, it has significantly degraded since then. It looks like pretty much nothing has been done to the facade of the theater except neglect by the Heon family.

One of the bits of news about the theater that came out in this recent attention is that the National Jewel Center is moving out by the end of the month. It’s interesting that in 1993, both the two stores to the north of the theater were also jewelry stores. Nowadays the stores are still of the run-down cheap variety that populate this section of Wisconsin, but they mostly sell clothes. In GM’s opinion, like the theater they look a lot worse now.



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3 responses to “Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Dumbarton

  1. Having gone there for movies, that sign is one more jab in the flesh. For every one of these posts, I could prattle on about the former shops around them and how I miss them.

  2. RD

    When did the movie theater close?

  3. GeorgeM

    My recollection is that the theater closed around 1984. It was vacant for awhile before the jewelers moved in.

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