The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Csuspect.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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  1. Michael Kessler


    I wonder if you’ve heard anyone sanely discuss this quite reasonable and foreseeable prediction in the midst of all of the controversy.

    “If Georgetown University housed all of its undergraduates on campus, groups of students and others from elsewhere in the city would replace them in the poorly maintained, high-priced rental housing. But the university would then not be obliged to collect trash or provide security services to address the impact of these renters. Opponents of Georgetown University‚Äôs Campus Plan should be careful what they wish for.”

    Given the immense numbers of 22-25 year olds who stream into the city for internships and first jobs, many of whom seek to continue some modicum of “college life” in group situations, (e.g. partying on the weekends, etc.), won’t these houses just fill up with others over whom the neighbors will have even less leverage (since they can’t put pressure on the University)? Wouldn’t this suggest that the neighbors seek lawful and legitimate measures to deal with the proliferation of the group houses (although that runs into very tricky legal issues)?

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