Scheele’s Future Looking Bright

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

The other day, Malcolm Peabody, the leader of the Save Scheele’s, sent out this update to supporters of the effort, updating the group on the future prospects of the corner store:

We are pleased to report that the new owner of the building, Jordan O’Neill, would like to keep the store and offer a new lease.  Contrary to what you may have heard, the Lee’s have no present plans to leave the store and are considering the offer of a new lease if it can be worked out.  Marilyn Melkonian, Peter Jost and I are assisting in the process to ensure that a grocery store remains on the premises for the coming years, preferably with the Lee’s as lessors.

Assuring the continuity of the store will require financial assistance from the community and we are working with both parties to achieve an acceptable solution, hopefully within the next few weeks, which we will report to you when sealed.

So while it’s not a done-done deal, it’s looking pretty bright that Scheele’s market will keep serving Georgetown for many years to come.


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5 responses to “Scheele’s Future Looking Bright

  1. argh, stray apostrophes…

  2. Topher

    Hum, I only count one stray apostrophe (with “Lee’s”). Are there others? Scheele’s is correct since the s is possessive. The market was owned by the Scheele family.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    It is important that we all shop there as much as possible to support the Lees and the new owner!

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