ANC Round Up: Crime and Punishment Edition

Photo by ThisisBossi.

At last night’s ANC meeting, crime was very much on the mind of the attendees. The ANC was scheduled to be visited by U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen long before the Halloween shooting on Monday, but the crime made his presence all the more apt.

But before Machen arrived, the audience was treated to an update on the Halloween crime from MPD Captain Jeffrey Herold. He recently transferred to the Second District from the Special Operations division. So while he is new to the neighborhood beat, his old assignment actually meant that he’s worked the Georgetown Halloween shift for over twenty years.

He said emphatically that he’s never seen the scene he saw Monday night. GM wasn’t there himself, but he’s heard from multiple people that the crowd was particularly bad this year. Herold reported that it seemed as if large groups of people (mostly teens) were simply roving the neighborhood appearing to try to start fights.

Along with this behavior came a spike in some rather alarming crimes. While most attention was focused on the horrible shooting, there were several muggings as well Monday night. But the thing is, you have to be a really stupid criminal to target Georgetown on Halloween. There is basically a cop on every corner. So all the muggings resulted in arrests. Even more disturbing: three guns were seized by the cops. One kid even was caught with a sawed-off shotgun.

Captain Herold told the crowd that he expects the shooting investigation to be “closed” in a matter of days.

Later during the meeting, Machen arrived. He gave a brief run-down on his offices efforts at community prosecution. His office is unique among U.S. Attorney offices. Since DC has no District Attorney or other “state” prosecutor, the U.S. Attorneys office handles all criminal cases from “local” crimes like assault and battery all the way up to federal crimes like corruption. GM asked Machen whether he supported the proposal to establish a DC District Attorney to handle the “local” crimes. He didn’t say no explicitly, but he essentially said that his office is perfectly able to handle the load and that it’s much easier to recruit top candidates to become Assistant U.S. Attorneys than it is to recruit Assistant District Attorneys.

Here’s what happened at the rest of the meeting:

  • DPW is reinstating trash inspectors, so make sure to keep your trash in cans.
  • Neighbors of the 7-11 are pissed about the possibility that 7-11 might use P St. Pictures old front door. GM suspects much of the aggravation is a result of the bad blood that arose over the eviction of P St. Pictures. Representatives from 7-11 appeared and seemed to be disinclined to not use the door, but we’ll see if that withstands steady neighbor resistance.
  • The ANC is fighting to restore the removed Circulator stops. DDOT’s own report states that the time gains from removing the stops was minimal to nil and Jack Evans’ office might jump in, so don’t be surprised if the stops reappear.
  • The ANC objected to the new proposed M Cafe at 3236 Prospect St. Details need to be worked out over hours, etc.
  • The Georgetown Post Office/East Banc project has undergone yet another radical change. The DC State Historical Preservation Office determined that the external addition–which every plan assumed was expendable–was in fact a contributing structure (i.e. not tear-downable). So a project that began as a big condo with rowhouses, that became a scaled-back office, and then became a scaled-back condo, is now simply a small conversion of the addition into a small office building. GM’s just happy to see they got rid of the parking garage.


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3 responses to “ANC Round Up: Crime and Punishment Edition

  1. Georgetown……..come out an play.

  2. The elimination of the Circulator stop on M in front of German Television has been a disaster. I can’t tell you the number of tourists I’ve seen waiting there who see either the Union Station or Dupont Circle bus approaching the old stop – which is still a Metrobus stop – and the disbelief on their faces when the Circulator zooms right past them.

  3. asuka

    Ah, more “youth” crime. The “youth” would all behave if the neighborhood would just provided them with more “third places.” That’s the solution – “third places.” And “things to do,” because it’s our responsibility to entertain “youth” so that they won’t punch our significant others in the face right in front of our children, or kill each other in front of our homes.

    Move along – nothing to see here.

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