Head West, Young Man

Photo by Marion Doss.

This coming weekend, GM is going to be pulling up stakes and moving into a new place. It’s still in Georgetown, so publication of the Georgetown Metropolitan will continue under current management.

While GM is only moving a handful of blocks to the west, it means he’s moving from the East Village to the West Village. GM weighed in on the differences between the sub-neighborhoods a while ago. Not surprisingly, as a East Village resident at the time, GM came down on the side that living on the east side was better. But GM looks forward to settling into his new immediate neighborhood and learning the charms of the west side.

So in the interim, GM will try to keep up the daily feed, but apologizes in advance if the moving process causes any bit of radio silence.


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3 responses to “Head West, Young Man

  1. RobRob

    When did you get horses?

  2. RNM

    There goes the neighborhood. 😉

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