Nike Store Reportedly to Take Over Barnes and Noble Building

This info has bounced around a little in the comments section, but GM realized it’s probably worth its own post: GM has is on good authority that Nike is taking over the Barnes and Noble building once the book store moves out at the end of the year.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. GM’s not happy about it either. Do we really need a gigantic store for sneakers? Well, it seems that a lot of athletic goods providers are betting on Georgetown being a new sports gear hub. Just a few years ago, the only place to pick up new running shoes was Georgetown Running Co. and maybe Sports Zone.

Over the last few years, Georgetown’s added a Lululemon, a CitySports, and is about to add an Athleta. Add Nike to that (plus the four bike stores) and you can get pretty much any athletic gear you need.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. GM would rather have the Barnes and Noble too…


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13 responses to “Nike Store Reportedly to Take Over Barnes and Noble Building

  1. CHSC

    Yeah, I’ll probably never go here. I’m at least glad it won’t sit empty for any protracted length of time.

    By the way, the Athleta opened last week.

  2. Joan Kennan

    I can’t help wanting to be a grouch about this along with everyone else. I have lived in Georgetown for 20 years and little by little, I see all my favorite stores disappear to be replaced by less desirable alternatives. To lose our only big book store to a sneaker store is very disheartening. Maybe we could get Politics & Prose to open up a Georgetown branch? 🙂

  3. andy(2)

    @ Joan – P&P is a great idea!
    If we are going to have an athletic store – REI would have been much, much better, though parking would have made it tough for their customers.

  4. Pat Padua

    I’m sorry to see B&N go too, but this can only be good news for the excellent Bridge Street Books down the street!

  5. George M

    So much for putting DC’s first Eataly there…

  6. JimW

    At least it’s not another ice-cream or cupcake shop. But, agree, pretty disappointing. Cue the jokes about how Georgetowners need more sneakers than anyone else in DC because there’s no subway.

  7. diego

    i talk to some of the B&N employees this past tue. and they told me that H&M was moving in to the space.
    i prefer the Nike store over H&M any time. their clothe r ugly n bad quality

  8. RNM

    I miss the days where I could get my horses shod at the national big box farrier down the street. 😉 Okay, I really doubt one of those ever existed…but there were farriers in Georgetown once…and now they are gone. As the horse was kicked out by the car…the companies that serviced them went away. I also don’t bemoan the loss of the car dealership that used to be on M Street (granted before my time).

    We own a lot of books, and buy them fairly frequently and I can’t think of a time in about 5 years we have purchased them from a bricks and mortar store. Why should we? Cheaper price, better selection and free shipping from Amazon. Of course, even my 75 year old parents have switched to E-readers. Dying industry. Though I do think it is hilarious to see people upset at the loss of a big box retailer (which they normally decry) after it killed the small bookstores and was in turn killed by the internet. The very medium that is now used to protest the loss.

    Sometimes I wonder if this blog is anything but one bemoaning of change after the next. Sure, there are stores and restaurants that I wish survived…but they didn’t and that is life. Make money or move along. Be glad that someone, even a one mega corp replacing another mega corp wants to open in Georgetown. This country is filled with places that would love to have the jobs, commerce, foot traffic and tax revenue that will be brought. There are a lot of places that would love just to have a storefront not be vacant. Sometimes, this moaning about businesses makes me think “rich people problems”. Which, I guess they are…

  9. Carol Joynt

    I hear and agree with most of the points of view, but even though I accept the inevitable it doesn’t mean I have to like it. The Nike Store has occupied a former precious space on 57th Street for several years now, but it has never felt like anything more than a big fat commercial, not a store, not a place where you go and they know who you are. But then, I’m being silly. I get it; few if any stores anymore know the customer, including B&N.

  10. Walter

    This space seems a bit big for a Niketown. The Boston Niketown on Newbury St. opened this year, and it is 19,000 sq ft. And Boston’s student population is a lot higher than DC’s. A Niketown near the Verizon Center, with Metro, would make more business sense.

  11. J_DC

    In my opinion, this place would be a good fit for Eataly. If the Nike thing doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that announcement sooner than later.

  12. CT

    I CANT WAIT!!!!! Love the Swoosh!!!!! IT is opening in August!!!

  13. As a former employee of BN Georgetown (for several years), I can say it was a very sad day when I heard the store was closing. It was a home and a place with a lot of great memories for those who worked there as well as the community. On to Bridge Street Books down the road! Keep at least one bookstore alive in Georgetown. I would find it sad if a neighborhood with one of the top universities in the country didn’t even have a bookstore, but could give you twenty versions of cupcake and some Coach.

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