ANC Round Up: Short Edition

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The ANC met for the final time in 2011 on Monday night (sorry for the delay in the report, but yesterday GM wanted to pump the CAG meeting). The agenda was short and the proceedings efficient, so there’s really not much to report, but here goes.

Glover Park

The biggest item on the agenda was the issue of Glover Park’s planned streetscape improvements. Part of those improvements call for lane reconfiguration, which frightens a lot of people. The fear is that by limiting lanes on Wisconsin Ave., the drivers will take the side streets instead.

As GM reported on Monday, the ANC is concerned about this. Glover Park, however, didn’t take too kindly to the possibility that ANC2E might derail the project. So Chair of the Glover Park ANC, Brian Cohen, showed up at the Georgetown ANC meeting to testify in favor of the changes and to argue that it would not negatively affect Georgetown (DDOT representatives were also at hand to make the same case, but the bureaucratese they used didn’t do a great job selling the project).

In the end the ANC (the Georgetown one, that is) passed a motion simply asking DDOT to keep in mind the possible effects this project could have on Georgetown and to include Georgetown in the discussions going forward. For the record, GM predicted Monday that Commissioner Bill Starrells wanted to “derail” the project; in fairness GM must report that Starrells since assured GM that he never intended to try to stop the project, and just wanted to air his concerns about the project.

Macaroon or Macaron?

So if you’re not “with it” you might not realize that cupcakes are totally done-zo. The new thing is macaroons. What’s a macaroon, you ask? It’s like a tiny hamburger made with sugar instead of meat. See, the prices will remain the same, it’s just they’ll keep convincing people to line up for smaller and smaller food items until tourists will be willing to wait hours to be served $5 puffs of scented air. Don’t believe GM? Fine, just don’t be surprised when the next big thing is artisanal pixie stix.

But DC is always a few years behind the trends, so the macaroon is only just starting to crest on these dowdy shores. And Georgetown is the site of the first macaroon shop in the city (as far as GM knows, at least). Or rather that should say the first macaron shop. In the space at 1669 Wisconsin Ave. (two doors up from the Bean Counter) a couple is going to open a shop called Macaron Bee. According to their architect, George Gordon, the couple plans to sell macaroons (or macarons, whatever) out of the front window of the shop.

The ANC commissioners expressed some reservations about the idea of selling food out of the front window. They feared the shop eventually turning into a pizza slice restaurant. In the end, the ANC decided to support the request with a (probably unenforceable) condition that the window not be used for any other type of food product.

GM’s prediction is that these sort of windows never work out. People would rather just come in to the store. GM hopes the store thrives and drives more foot traffic to upper Book Hill, but it’ll be because people like the food, not the convenience of sidewalk service.

Cady’s Alley II

The very last item on the agenda was the innocuous sounding request to make alterations to the rear of 3259 M St. (where the Coach is). This property is owned by EastBanc, and the neighbors to the rear believe that EastBanc is plucking up properties on the block with the intent to turn the small alley behind the M St. properties into a new Cady’s Alley. Intriguing theory.

Well EastBanc wasn’t on hand to confirm nor deny the conspiracy theory. And the ANC took a motion against the plan. But if EastBanc really does have grander plans than a simple rear alteration, expect this block to get a lot more attention in the future.


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