Other Places Named Georgetown

Photo by Mikerhicks.

For every morning post that GM does, he searches in Flickr for recent photos uploaded tagged with the word “Georgetown”. Most of these photos are of our neighborhood here in DC, but lots are of far more exotic Georgian locales. So for no other reason other than the fact GM’s got nothing else to write about, let’s take a stroll through them.

The shot above is from George Town on Grand Cayman. This town was named after George III. This is a big tourist stop on the Caribbean cruise circuit.

Photo by arichards63.

Staying in the Caribbean, another Georgetown that pops up from time to time is Georgetown, Guyana. It too was named after George III.

Photo by Michael Boer.

Probably the most common non-DC Georgetown that pops up in Flickr is Georgetown, Seattle. It’s an industrial neighborhood on the south side of the Emerald City. From the photos, it appears to be full of old abandoned steam plants, art school grads, and beer. It’s probably the most interesting Georgetown on the list.

This Georgetown was named in honor of the town founder’s son, George Horton.

Photo by Snap Man.

Staying out west, another Georgetown that shows up a decent amount is Georgetown, Colorado. This one seems to include photos of a old steam train a lot.

This Georgetown was named after the older of two brothers who founded the town in the Gold Rush: George Griffith.

Photo by Khalzuri.

The last of the exotic Georgetowns to pop up with any regularity is Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. Like our Georgetown, this Georgetown is an “old town” surrounded my a modern city.

This Georgetown is named after George III.

Finally, GM couldn’t help but mention Georgetown, Connecticut. Not because it pops up in Flickr, but because GM grew up just a mile away from it. This old industrial neighborhood is dominated by the empty Gilbert & Bennett Factory (seen above) that was still making wire fences for GE when GM was playing pee-wee soccer on the nearby fields. Before the real estate collapse, this neighborhood was poised to be a model of new urbanism for the suburbs.

This Georgetown was named after local grist miller George Abbott.

By the way, no one knows for sure who our Georgetown is named after, although the leading theory is that it is named for either George Gordon and/or George Beale, who were two of the first land owners of Georgetown, Maryland.


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3 responses to “Other Places Named Georgetown

  1. Nemo

    Georgetown was founded in 1751, during the reign of King George II, of happy memory. It was named for him, not his grandson, Prince George of Wales, who was 11 at the time, and who ascended the throne in 1760 as King George III.

  2. ac

    i just moved to seattle after graduating GU and the paradox of the georgetowns is wild. never in dc would i expect to be a in a bar on the side of railroad tracks drinking stout out of liter jugs with old men in flannel and beards.

  3. Alison

    Lydia DePillis at Housing Complex did a good post about Georgetown in Seattle a few months ago: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/2011/09/21/postcard-from-the-other-washington-the-other-georgetown/

    Interesting to see the other Georgetowns as well.

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