The Census: Odds and Ends

This week GM has been going through the American Community Survey records that were released by the Census recently and seeing what it has to say about Georgetowners.

Today being the end of the week, GM will just hit some remaining odds and ends that didn’t fit in to the previous days.

First, a subject newly close to GM’s heart: fertility. According to the records, 84 Georgetown women gave birth over an average year since 2005. Of those 84 women, 23 had a bachelor’s degree and 61 had some sort of a graduate or professional degree.

Second, The median commute for Georgetowners is 20-24 minutes. There are a lucky 91 Georgetowners that have a commute of less than 5 minutes. On the other end, 32 unlucky Georgetowners have a commute over 90 minutes.

Finally, only 81% of Georgetowners speak only English at home. About 6% speak Spanish at home. About 10% speak some “other Indo-European” language at home. And about 2% speak an Asian language at home.


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