Georgetown Retail Openings off to Good Start

Last year, 43 new stores opened in Georgetown. This was up from 30 in 2010 and 22 in 2009. While it’s still too early to gauge how well 2012 will do on this account, so far it appears that a healthy number of stores have announced plans to open up in Georgetown this year.

Those include:

  • Stachowski Market – This highly anticipated “candy shop for carnivores” is set to open within weeks in the old Griffin Market space.
  • Sunglasses Hut – Much less interesting, this mall-type store is opening up where Shoe Gallery is.
  • Suitsupply – This European suit tailor is supposed to set up shop in the Four Seasons. GM’s not sure exactly where in the Four Seasons complex but he did read the other day that M29 is moving from its corner spot to another space in the building, so that’s a candidate.
  • Jonathan Adler – This hip furniture/homeware store is opening up in the old Gap Kids space.
  • John Fluevog – It was just announced the other day that “funky” shoe-purveyor John Fluevog is opening up next to Jonathan Adler in the old Georgetown Fine Jewelry store.
  • Gant – This old preppy shirt company is opening up where Saloun was.
  • M & T Bank – Sadly this bank is moving into the old Commander Salamander space
  • Macaron Bee – After giving up on their ill-advised plan to sell macaroons out their front window, this small shop reconfigured their plans and expect to open in Book Hill sometime this year.
  • Georgetown Falafel & Koshary – This was more of a style change, but Prince Cafe on Prospect became Georgetown Falafel & Koshary earlier this year.
  • Cafe Tu-o-Tu – This outpost of Cafe Tu-o-Tu is going to move in to Regents Row on the west end of M St. soon.
  • Pie Sisters – This small pie shop opened the first week of January right next to where Cafe Tu-o-Tu will open.
  • Shop House – This Asian themed fast casual restaurant from Chipotle will open in the old Furins spot.
  • Noodles and Company – Also a fast casual restaurant, this will open in the new buildings Safeway is building just south of the grocery store.

Anything GM is missing? (Nike’s not one; they won’t open until 2013).



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5 responses to “Georgetown Retail Openings off to Good Start

  1. Tucker

    I was at Billy Reid in Nashville last week, and I asked the manager about their Georgetown store. He said that they can’t move into the spot that they thought they had (I think it’s the Riccardi space), because the current tenant won’t move out, so they’re sort of waiting to see if the store ever closes and looking at other spaces. Hope they figure it out, would be a really nice addition.

  2. Dizzy

    The Cafe Tu-o-Tu next to Pie Sisters has already been open for several weeks.

  3. Any news on what will go in Garrett’s old space?

  4. In the Top Chef alumni category:

    — Good Stuff Eatery in the Crepe Amour/Georgetown Wing Co space (aiming for December opening, IIRC), and
    — Bandolero in the Hook space (originally aiming to be open by this month, but delayed).

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