ANC Round Up: Little Ado About Something

Last night the ANC met for its June session. Whereas many meetings the ancient art of turning molehills into mountains is practiced, this meeting was downright understated.

On top of the list of items that probably could have justified a bit more discussion was the Georgetown campus plan. Last month it was announced that Georgetown and the civic groups entered mediation to see if they can resolve the dispute without leaving it up to the Zoning Commission to decide.

As reported, the talks have been going really well and there is an expectation that a resolution may be at hand. But the sides apparently need just a little more time. So they’re asking the Zoning Commission for another week, which request most certainly will be granted.

Ron Lewis stated that the ANC will host a special meeting just of the topic of the agreement before the (likely) new filing date of June 19th.

What are the details of a likely deal? Lewis wasn’t talking. He joked that after announcing the extension request he would open up the floor to any questions that he would quickly evade. University reps were there too, and they’re equally mum. Through his role as Secretary of CAG, GM knows what’s being discussed. But he’s sworn to secrecy so he ain’t talking either. So stay tuned!

Another exciting piece of news that didn’t actually result in much discussion is the new gym for Hyde-Addision. Principal Dana Nerenberg was on hand to announce the project and state that the funding was secured in the city’s 2013 budget. It will include both a gym and a new library. Nerenberg said that it was budgeted $7 million.

Since the school is starting to reach capacity with 336 students enrolled for next year, the project is needed now. Nerenberg predicted that the construction could start this time next year. It’s probably too impractical, but GM kind of wishes that they would design the new building to look like the old Curtis school that used to stand where the playground is:

Yeah, that would probably cost a lot more than $7 million…

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  1. It looks like the tower was designed to have a clock face at one time. I wonder whether it ever did.

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