Census Odds and Ends

On days when GM doesn’t have any particular article idea in mind, he likes to stroll back through the census numbers to see if there aren’t a few more nuggets of information worth digging up. And today is one of those days.


Surprisingly, only 81% of Georgetowners speak only English at home. Of the 19% of Georgetowners who speak another language at home, only 6% speak Spanish. Also surprising, 36% of these non-exclusively English speakers are native born US citizens. GM knows one family that would fit into this category, where the father is American, the mother European, and the child bilingual.


Georgetown families are not hurting, income wise. In east Georgetown, the median family income is $224,286 and the average family income is a whopping $348,784 (the reason these numbers are so different is that a few large incomes can skew an average but not a median). In west Georgetown, the median family income is $223,036 and the average $321,055.

Not all families are wealthy though. 21% of families in east Georgetown and 6% in west Georgetown make less than $75,000.

The Census defines a “family” as a household with at least two people living together who are related by birth or marriage, so these stats don’t reflect singles.


A lot of Georgetown homes are pretty old, but not all of them are. A full 37% of Georgetown households were built since 1940. And 4% have been built since 2000. With a lot of new condos slated to be built over the next couple years (mostly by Eastbanc) those percentage as set to move up bit more.



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  1. Joan Kennan

    Would you know how many Georgetown residents are over the age of 55?

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