While GM Was Out


Sadly, GM’s vacation has come to an end, and he’s back to the daily grind. But before the grind is ground, GM wants to quickly cover a few things he missed while he was out.

Linda Greenan Steps Down

Long time Georgetown University administrator, Linda Greenan, announced that she is retiring from the University at the end of September. Greenan has been the primary community liaison for the school through some of the roughest periods of the town-gown history. Not withstanding the strife, she always maintained a smile and was pleasant to work with. She will be missed.

Her departure coincides with the beginning of the Georgetown Community Partnership, which was set up by the ten year plan agreement last spring. This permanent committee is envisioned to address issues as the arise, rather than after they’ve festered for years. Taking Greenan’s place in this new endeavor will be Lauralyn Lee, another longtime GU administrator.

Luke’s Lobsters Opens

This lobster shack-style restaurant opened up in the space previously occupied by Philadelphia Pizza. That restaurant was shut down after months of noise complaints (the reason they were actually shut down was that they didn’t have zoning permission to run a fast food joint, which is what they were in fact doing). Luke’s Lobsters will be closed at 10pm on weekends, so GM doubts they’ll generate the same noise problems.

GM stopped by the restaurant yesterday for lunch. It was pretty good, albeit pretty expensive too: a lobster roll with chips and a drink costs $17. GM likes that they offer a mayo-free lobster roll, but it could have used a bit more crunch. (Someone ought to open a place selling this awesome mayo-free lobster roll recipe.)

The best part of the restaurant is the authentic Maine sodas they sell to go along with the authentic Maine lobsters.

Inside Georgetown Park Mall

Carol Joynt took a peek inside the Georgetown Park Mall construction. It didn’t reveal too much, but it confirmed that the faux-Victorian inside is now genuinely history.



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