You Could Win Big at the CAG Gala

Photo by plemefjr.

The Citizens Association of Georgetown is holding its annual gala October 26th. Once again it will be held in the glitz Russian Embassy up in Glover Park. This year, though, the organizers are offering something special.

When you enter, you will be given a pile of chips to bet on various card games. You will then be able to take the winnings and bid in an auction for a bunch of really nice prizes. They include week long rentals at locations including a 18th century French chateau, a two bedroom Florence apartment, and a spa at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico.

Tickets aren’t cheap at $250 a pop, but the money goes to support CAG’s programs and if you’re already a member you get a 20% discount. And who knows, if you’re a card shark you could be going home with something really special.

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