Waterfront Begins Construction on Largest Outdoor Ice Rink in DC

Courtesy of MRP Realty.

MRP Realty, the owners of the Washington Harbour complex, announce yesterday that they are beginning construction to convert their fancy new fountain into an ice rink for the winter.

From the release:

The 11,800-square-foot Washington Harbour Ice Rink — larger than the rinks at Rockefeller Center in New York City and the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden in Washington — will be ready to welcome its first skaters before Thanksgiving. In addition to offering open skating, discounts to college students and the opportunity to skate with Santa Claus, the rink will accommodate parties and special events, such as birthdays, family gatherings and corporate events.

11,800 is more than two-thirds the size of a full NHL ice rink. The release points out that the rink will be larger than Rockefeller Center’s and the National Gallery of Art’s. It will also be larger than the two other outdoor rinks close by DC: Pentagon Row and Silver Spring. At 7,200 square feet, the Silver Spring rink was cited as the largest outdoor rink between DC and Baltimore; so the Georgetown rink may end up being the largest outdoor rink in the whole greater metropolitan area. (New York being New York has to have the last word though. Real New Yorkers know not to use Rockefeller Center but rather the gigantic Wollman Rink in Central Park, which is a whopping 30,000 square feet).

GM has been excited about this idea for a long time. This has the potential to bring a ton of life to the waterfront during a time of year when it’s typically desolate. And moreover, it has the potential to be a new community gather point. With his daughter’s birthday being square in the middle of January, GM is already looking forward to ice skating-themed birthday parties.



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6 responses to “Waterfront Begins Construction on Largest Outdoor Ice Rink in DC

  1. This is such a wonderful addition to the community, not just visitors. Georgetown does not have a lot of large, open spaces where residents can all gather, but having this at the waterfront in the winter time will no doubt draw more of us down to watch the skaters and enjoy the lights, the views, and so on.

  2. PK

    It’s strange to me that the new fountain lasted for such a short time before construction begins again – I wish we had some more time to enjoy the fountain!

  3. Topher

    The fountain will be back in the spring. This is just a seasonal change.

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