The Morning Metropolitan

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Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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7 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Q St Neighbor

    It’s not that they have to be back in their own dorm by 10, it’s that they can’t get into another dorm they don’t live in after 10 without being signed in by someone.

  2. Topher

    Ah, ok. What’s involved with “signing in”? When I was in college, the doors were locked at night, so you needed to know the code to get in or someone could just let you in. There wasn’t a guest book or anything.

  3. Jacques

    This is a guess based on prior practices, but…
    There’s a guard desk at the entrance to each dorm (at all hours)… during the day, any student with a student ID can swipe in at a security gate/desk and access the dorm. Any other guest must be accompanied by a resident of the dorm, and unless things have gone digital, puts their name in a logbook along with the guest’s name (whose ID is checked by the guard).

    It seems like sometime in the past 10 years or so, they made it so that only residents of the dorm have access to swipe in after a certain time, and that, similar to non-student guests, students who are not residents of that dorm need to be accompanied/swiped in. And that this resolution would change that policy.

  4. That is the case, Jacques. For obvious reasons, students can get into any building, but they can’t leave the lobby after 10pm. This would lift that restriction.

  5. Dizzy

    Keeping in mind, of course, that aside from late night/early morning hours, the guard desk is manned by student guards who generally could care less whether anyone swipes or not, and have zero authority to do anything about it anyway. The entire point of the program is to funnel federal work-study funds to a large cadre of students in exchange for their serving as so much security theater room furniture.

    Topher, did you happen to attend either of the Planning 101 meetings GU held this week?

  6. Topher

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend. Did you make it?

  7. Dizzy

    I made it to the second one. Exciting stuff! Here’s The Hoya’s writeup of it:

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