Google Maps Invades Georgetown Stores

GM was using Google Maps the other day when he stumbled on a new feature: Business Photos. What this is is Google Maps normal Street View technology, which lets you see 360 degrees from the street, but from inside stores. Above you can navigate your way through Patisserie Poupon.

There seem to be a couple dozen stores throughout Georgetown that have signed up for this service. To find them follow these instructions.

1. Open Google Maps.

2. Move your mouse over to the little yellow man in the top left corner and click (and hold down the button):

3. Now drag the little yellow guy over to the street. The stores that have this feature will have a little orange dot:

4. Position him over one of those dots a release the button. It will drop you into the store. You can navigate around the store like you would on the street, and can even walk right out the door. (Alternatively, you can go from the street into the store).

Here are a couple more of the stores that offer this:

Pizzeria Paradiso

Georgetown Cupcake



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