Two Long “Closing” Stores Appear to Be Finally Actually Closing

Georgetown has a bunch of stores that appear to be perpetually closing down. Having fake store closing sales is a time honored low-level scam. But it appears to be a near art-form for some stores in Georgetown.

Well over the last couple days, GM has noticed that two stores that have long promised their closings appear to be actually closing. The first is Riccardi at M and Wisconsin. For at least a year the store has feature two large banners announcing the impending closing of the store. Hell, the store even bought a brand new awning after the store closing signs went up. But now have a sign up stating that there are only a few weeks left till they truly close. It appears that the closure is timed to the year end.

The other store is the Coogi store on Wisconsin south of O. They have always been a little tricky about their store closing signs. They have had a large sign that said in bold letters: Going Out Business. But instead of a small “of” between the Out and Business, it said “for”. Thus the sign wasn’t technically announcing the store’s closure, but that’s surely the impression that they wanted you to have. Well, now they have signs up that appear to be a lot clearer about the fact that the store is indeed closing.

Of course, well just have to see what actually happens.

One bit of extraneous gossip GM has recently heard from several sources: the old Georgetown Theater may have been sold. GM reached out to the Heon family who stated that the property has not been sold, and that they’re still trying to find a buyer. So, we’ll see.



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3 responses to “Two Long “Closing” Stores Appear to Be Finally Actually Closing

  1. GM – would love you or Carol to do an interview with Anthony Lanier or some other visionary real estate type to talk the future of Georgetown. Would be curious his take on the types of stores to expect over the next few years (more suburban mall stores or more friendship heights ultra lux stores), the remodel at Georgetown Park (good or bad idea), parking changes (less or more street parking, CaBi etc), closing M St to cars, etc. I always enjoy hearing his thoughts.

  2. Once again, too much to hope we’ll get a theatre in the old Dumbarton/Georgetown Theatre, but I’m just putting that out there.

  3. Never picked up on the Going Out “for” Business… tricky!

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