Georgetown to Get Three(!) More Bikeshare Stations

Photo by Jason Pier.

Christmas came early for Georgetown bikers. DDOT announced yesterday that it’s adding 78 new Capital Bikeshare stations. And the expansion list includes three new stations for Georgetown (which already has five).

The new Georgetown locations are 34th & Water St., in front of the Wisconsin Ave. CVS, and in front of Hyde on O St.

These stations come as a bit of a (happy) surprise to GM. The ANC had requested as part of a past expansion that DDOT consider a station in front of Hyde, but they passed. The two stations would definitely go a long way towards addressing the gap between the stations in lower Georgetown and the one north of the Safeway.

The Water St. one is a location GM never considered but a good one nonetheless. The waterfront is hugely popular now, and the more we can encourage people to take a bike instead of driving, the better.

According to DDOT’s press release, the Water St. and CVS stations will be installed sometime between January and March. The Hyde station will be part of a later, not-yet-scheduled, expansion.



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8 responses to “Georgetown to Get Three(!) More Bikeshare Stations

  1. Jacques

    I’m happy about the expansion (the O Street station more than the 34th and Water, which seems mostly there for Capital Crescent Trail users, and I suppose eventually visitors to Malmaison and Gypsy Sally’s).

    But I’m puzzled about the inclusion of Hyde on the “next round” list. Would there be any benefit to a station at Hyde if there’s already one a block away at the CVS?

    It seems like there are many other options for an additional site that would have more utility, such as:
    – Reservoir/R & Wisconsin (either the previously suggested station location at Long & Foster, or something in front of the Library).
    – Rose Park/27th & Q. Big residential population, and a big hole in the bikeshare network.
    – Volta Park, between Georgetown’s two new bike lanes.
    – Something in Burleith, possibly 38th & Reservoir, providing access to GU, GU Hospital, and the Duke Ellington field.

  2. Q St Neighbor

    I was disappointed by the list. Glad to get one station at O and Wisconsin, but I agree that the big void between Dupont Circle and Wisconsin and infill along Wisconsin seem like better locations than a second at O and Wisconsin.

  3. RNM

    Just to be supportive…I really like the idea of one at 34th and Water because it is on a major bike trail (which I use regularly and see the rental bikes out there)…the ride down from Bethesda is beautiful and easy…the ride back is beautiful but less easy. 😉

    Hyde makes sense, they have the real estate for it and it is a central location. I am confused by the CVS, clearly the sidewalk is too narrow for it (though it may work on the side of the CVS,) so shall I assume this is a permanent installation in the curb lane that will further restrict traffic flow and the ability of CVS to receive deliveries out front. So anti transportation and anti business. Maybe the CVS truck can just run over it…they have about the same color scheme.

  4. jacquer

    There’s plenty of room on the O Street sidewalk on the side of CVS (and an existing bike rack there that gets plenty of use) so I’d bet that’s where it’s going.
    The two big drawbacks to Hyde, other than it being less than a block from the planned CVS station, are:
    1) that it’s on a one-way street (which would encourage either wrong-way cycling, or sidewalk cycling). In fact, O Street at Hyde is only fed by other one-way streets, until you get to 35th Street.
    2) The cobble stones.

  5. PJ25

    I applaud the increase in bikeshare stations; however I agree with the previous poster. There is a large hole in the east village and Rose Park is an ideal location. There are some high density dwellings that would greatly benefit from this program. Is the NPP or Friends of Rose Park blocking this possibility?

  6. Charlie Eason

    Rose Park would be a great addition. I’d also like to nominate a location on Q Street, NW just west of the Buffalo Bridge where we have have many multi-family dwellings who could take advantage of Bikeshare.

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