New Bikeshare Station to be Installed Today(?)

Photo by Jason Pier.

GM walked by the Wisconsin Ave. CVS last night and noticed that there was a no parking sign up along O St. The sign indicated that the reason for the restriction was “Bikeshare” and the date was April 24th, today.

This location was one of the locations identified by DDOT for the next round of stations. This will go a long way towards filling the need for residents to have better access to bikeshare stations. There are, of course, already four stations in Georgetown, but they’re on the periphery of the residential sections of the neighborhood. This one will bring the service all that much closer to many residents’ front doors.

When DDOT announced the possibility of putting a station at this location, they also floated putting a station on O St. west of Wisconsin (presumably in front of Hyde-Addison). GM hears now that it was more of an either/or situation. Having decided on the CVS location, DDOT does not intend to install another station in front of Hyde.

There will be another station installed on Water St. at the end of the Capital Crescent Trail. If it isn’t there already (GM hasn’t been by) it will be there soon.



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2 responses to “New Bikeshare Station to be Installed Today(?)

  1. Jacques

    I’m hopeful that the previously proposed Hyde location can turn into another Georgetown station, in one of the following locations:
    – Rose Park (or alternatively, somewhere in the 27th-28th & P/Q area).
    – Georgetown Public Library at R and Wisconsin, or a spot near the intersections of Wisc/Reservoir/33rd.
    – 35th/36th and Prospect
    – 33rd and M Street
    – 37th or 38th and Reservoir (may be Burleith rather than Georgetown, depending on which side of Reservoir, but would serve GU, GU Hospital, Cloisters, Washington International School, and many residents).


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