ANC Preview: Sticka Mic Drop Edition

Next Monday is the February session for ANC2E. Near the beginning of the meeting, the commission will perform its biannual duty to honor the recently departed ANC member with a special commendation. This time it’s Jake Sticka who will be so honored. Perhaps in a nod to Jake, the ANC will be meeting again at GU, specifically the McShain Lounge in McCarthy Hall.

The ANC will also deal with more meaty topics. On the agenda is the proposed residential zoning rewrite. This project–part of a city-wide effort–will modernize the zoning code in Georgetown by recognizing that much of what technically is “non-conforming use” today (i.e. stores in the neighborhoods, English basement apartments, etc.) includes features many think are what make Georgetown Georgetown.

A group of representatives from CAG, the ANC and the OGB have been meeting for over a year hashing out a proposal for OP to consider applying to Georgetown. The group includes voices from across the issue. (Full disclosure: As a member of CAG’s board, GM has had a tangential role in this effort). Some in the group were very conservative and wanted little change, others are straight up urbanists pushing for much more progressive change. The compromises the group reached are true compromises born from serious and honest discussions. (At some point–not today–GM will go over the finer points of the proposal).

Finally, one other issue the ANC will discuss is also near and dear to GM: the proposed new locations for Capital Bikeshare stations. GM hopes the ANC is on board with the plan because it would mean him getting a station just three blocks away.

Here’s the full agenda:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E
3265 S Street, NW • Washington, DC  20007
(202) 724-7098  • •
ANC 2E Public Meeting
Monday, February 4, 2013
at 6:30 p.m.
Note special location at GU for this meeting

We will be meeting this month on the Georgetown University Campus, McCarthy Hall in the McShain Lounge.  Enter the campus through the gates at 37th and O Streets, NW, and go left towards the Lauinger Library.  Take the path that cuts across the lawn to the front of the library.  At the end of the path, turn right and walk down the road to the bottom of the hill to the Leo J. O’Donovan Cafeteria.  McCarthy Hall (a dorm) will be on the right.  McShain Lounge is located inside of McCarthy Hall.  Signs will be posted on the entrance doors.

Visitors can park in the Southwest Quad Parking Garage at the cost of $3.00 per hour. To access this garage, enter campus via the Canal Road entrance and the parking garage will be on the right.

Approval of the Agenda

•       Approval of February 4, 2013, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda


•       Approval of January 2, 2012, Meeting Minutes
•       Public Safety and Police Report
•       Financial Report
•       Transportation Report
•       DPW Report

Community Commendation

•       Commendation for 2010-2012 ANC 2E Commissioner Jake Sticka
Community Comment

•       Proposed Georgetown comments on residential zoning regulations – CAG public meeting on February 6
•       Agreement regarding resolution of the Pinstripes BZA application for a bowling alley in the  Georgetown Park Mall

New Business

•       Possible additional Capital Bikeshare stations planned – 34th & Water Streets and Wisconsin Avenue & O Street
•       Rose Park egg hunt special event – Saturday, March 23, 2013
•       Nike Women’s Marathon Half – April 2013
•       Bike DC 2013 – Sunday, May 12, 2013
•       Sprint Four the Cure 5k – September 2013


•       3235 P Street, NW, BZA Application No. 18512, Application for special exception for lot occupancy, for non-conformance to lot coverage, and for the side yard requirement.  (Hearing March 2013)


•       2807-2809 M Street, NW, Taj of India, ABRA-060065, Amended application to restrict hours, withdrawal of Protest

Old Georgetown Board


1.      SMD 07, 2519 Q Street, NW, OG 13-091  (HPA 13-143)  Residence, Dormer at rear, Concept
2.      SMD 07, 1825-C Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-084  (HPA 13-136)  Commercial, ATM and sign scheme for “Cardinal Bank,” Permit
3.      SMD 02, 1576 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-070  (HPA 13-121)  Gas station, Sign scheme for “Shell Gas Station,” Permit / concept
4.      SMD 03, 1301 – 1325 36th Street, NW, OG 13-088  (HPA 13-140)  Institution, Additions and alterations, Concept
5.      SMD 03, 3326 N Street, NW, OG 13-082  (HPA 13-134)  Residence, Replacement windows, rear porch, stairs, HVAC, pavers, Permit / concept
6.      SMD 03, 3128 P Street, NW, OG 13-087  (HPA 13-139)  Residence, 1-story rear addition, alterations, Concept
7.      SMD 03, 1336 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-041  (HPA 13-067)  Commercial, Sign scheme: signs, awning, and internally-illuminated sign for “GNC Live Well,” Permit
8.      SMD 03, 1365 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-061  (HPA 13-101)  Bank, Replace ATM and surround for BB&T Bank, Permit
9.      SMD 03, 1424 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-054  (HPA 13-081)  Commercial, Alterations to storefront, Concept – revised design
10.     SMD 05, 3000 K Street, NW, OG 13-067  (HPA 13-118)  Mixed-use complex, Sign scheme for “Washington Harbor,” Permit
11.     SMD 05, 3040 M Street, NW, OG 13-065  (HPA 13-115)  Commercial, Alterations to parapet for roof top HVAC equipment screening, Permit – revised design
12.     SMD 05, 3222 M Street, NW, OG 13-080  (HPA 13-132)  Georgetown Park, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme for “H&M”, paint first floor façade, Concept
13.     SMD 05, 3222 M Street, NW, OG 13-090  (HPA 13-142)   Georgetown Park, Sign scheme, Permit
14.     SMD 06, 3003 M Street, NW, OG 13-061  (HPA 13-096)  Commercial, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme for “i-Thai Sushi,” Permit
15.     SMD 06, 2708 O Street, NW, OG 13-062  (HPA 13-105)  Residence, Vinyl pergola at rear yard, Concept
16.     SMD 06, 3010 O Street, NW, OG 13-085  (HPA 13-137)  Residence, Alterations to windows, new window opening, Concept

No Review At This Time by ANC 2E: The following additional projects, which are on the upcoming February 4, 2013, agenda of the Old Georgetown Board, have not been added to the ANC meeting agenda for OGB-related design review and we do not propose to adopt a resolution on them at this time.  If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, February 1, 2013.

1.      SMD 01, 1675 35th Street, NW, OG 13-086  (HPA 13-138)  Residence, Rear addition and alterations to fenestration, replacement roof, siding, skylights, remove chimney, Permit – revised design
2.      SMD 02, 1638 33rd Street, NW, OG 13-078  (HPA 13-130)  Residence, Replacement windows, Permit
3.      SMD 02, 1637 34th Street, NW, OG 13-060  (HPA 13-092)  Residence, Solar panels, Permit
4.      SMD 02, 1668 34th Street, NW, OG 13-055  (HPA 13-082)  Residence, Replacement windows, Permit – additional information
5.      SMD 02, 1718 34th Street, NW, OG 13-024  (HPA 13-044)  Residence, 2-story rear addition plus basement, replacement windows, Concept – revised design
6.      SMD 02, 1661 35th Street, NW, OG 12-171  (HPA 12-282)  Residence, Three-story rear addition, in-fill areaway, one-story side addition, alterations, Concept – revised design
7.      SMD 02, 3240 S Street, NW, OG 13-076  (HPA 13-128)  Institution, New slate roof, Permit
8.      SMD 02, District of Columbia Government, 3412 Dent Place, NW, OG 13-089  (HPA 13-141)  Engine Company No. 5, Replacement pedestrian doors, replacement windows, Permit
9.      SMD 04, 1411, 1413 and 1417 37th Street, NW, OG 13-066  (HPA 13-117)  Residences, Solar panels, Permit – revised design
10.     SMD 04, 3700 O Street, NW, OG 13-050  (HPA 13-077)  Georgetown University – New South Hall Student Center, Alterations and site work, Concept – revised design
11.     SMD 05, 3101 M Street, NW, OG 12-308  (HPA 12-522)  Commercial / office, Replacement windows, Permit
12.     SMD 05, 3200 M Street, NW, OG 13-081  (HPA 13-133)  Commercial, Light fixtures, alterations to sign scheme for “Banana Republic,” Permit
13.     SMD 05, 3401 M Street, NW, OG 13-068  (HPA 13-119)  Commercial, Replacement windows, Permit
14.     SMD 05, 3114 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 13-064  (HPA 13-113)  Residence, Solar panels, Permit
15.     SMD 05, 1211 Potomac Street, NW, OG 13-033  (HPA 13-053)  Commercial, Awning and sign for “Luke’s Lobster” – existing, Permit – revised design (Reviewed:   6 Dec. 2012)
16.     SMD 05, 1025 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW, OG 13-057  (HPA 13-084)  Office building, Alterations, Concept – revised design
17.     SMD 05, 1010 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-077  (HPA 13-129)  Commercial, ADA ramp, Concept
18.     SMD 05, 1066 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-083  (HPA 13-135)  Commercial, Alterations, sign scheme for “The Frye Company,” Permit
19.     SMD 05, 1079 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 13-021  (HPA 13-039)  Commercial, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme, Concept – revised design
20.     SMD 06, 1220 29th Street, NW, OG 13-048  (HPA 13-075)  Residence, Replacement windows, Permit
21.     SMD 06, 1510 31st Street, NW, OG 13-013  (HPA 13-016)  Residence, Addition of second floor, Concept – revised design
22.     SMD 06, 3001 M Street (also known as 1202 30th Street), NW, OG 13-069  (HPA 13-120)  Mixed-use: retail / residential, Screening fence, gate, security panel and address numbers, Permit
23.     SMD 06, 3014 P Street, NW, OG 13-079  (HPA 13-131)  Residence, One-story rear addition of screened porch, Permit
24.     SMD 07, 1601 30th Street, NW, OG 13-063  (HPA 13-110)  Residence, Repair planter wall on public space, Permit
25.     SMD 07, 1735 32nd Street, NW, OG 13-075  (HPA 13-127)  Institution, Replacement slate roof on Refectory, Permit
26.     SMD 07, 2605 P Street, NW, OG 13-042  (HPA 13-069)  Commercial, Replacement windows, Permit
27.     SMD 07, 3245 S Street, NW, OG 13-072  (HPA 13-124)  Institution, Replacement windows on Guest House, Concept
28.     SMD 07, 3245 S Street, NW, OG 13-073  (HPA 13-125)  Institution, Replacement slate roof on Guest House, Permit
29.     SMD 07, 3203 S Street, NW , OG 13-074  (HPA 13-126)  Institution, Replacement slate roof, demo and rebuild dormers on Operations Building, Permit
30.     SMD 07, 3019 Dent Place, NW, OG 13-056  (HPA 13-083)  Residence, Replace rear screen porch with 2-story addition, Concept – revised design
31.     SMD 07, 1673 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-345  (HPA 12-579)  Commercial, Sign scheme for “Meridian Health & Relaxation,”  Permit – revised design options
32.     SMD 08, 3700 O Street, NW, OG 13-071  (HPA 13-123)  Georgetown University – Dahlgren Quadrangle, Alterations and site work, Concept


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