Georgetown by the Numbers

The new American Community Survey results were released recently for the Census Bureau. They show how the population has shifted from year to year. And Georgetown’s census tracts are among them. As always, they are awfully interesting.

Before GM goes too far, it’s important to remember that the ACS has estimates that are then averaged (over five years in this case). There’s a big error rate too. But it’s good enough for our purposes!

So to lets it then:

According to the ACS, the estimate of Georgetown’s population retracted a bit last year. In 2010, the estimate was 10,315 (this excludes Georgetown’s campus). This year the estimate is 9,621. This drop is most attributable to the change in one particular demographic. In 2010, the ACD estimated there were 2,639 20 to 25 year olds in the West Village. Now it estimates 1,467. It’s unlikely there was a huge exodus of 20-somethings. For what it’s worth, the Census itself counted 2,316 20-25 year olds.

Breaking it down further, the baby boom continues. According to the ACS there are 564 children under the age of 6. The 2010 estimate pegged this group at 400. The total number of children under 10  is now estimated to be 771, up from 651.

There are a lot for teens too. The 15 to 19 year old group jumped from 326 to 797.

Now compare these numbers to what the Census found in 2000. Back then there were only 8,524 people in Georgetown. And there were only 305 children under the age of 6. There were only 836 children under the age of 20 in 2000. Now the ACS estimates there to be 1,164. That’s a 39% jump in just 11 years.



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4 responses to “Georgetown by the Numbers

  1. Interesting stuff, Topher, though I’m a little unclear on the numbers. It seems like the total estimate for children under 10 is 771, and for ages 15-19 its 797. This (while missing ages 10-14) is 1,568, well over the 1,164 figure.

    Either way, it’s a big increase in kids — one I can vouch for personally!

  2. Topher

    Ah, I think I may have mixed up that 15-19 group ( that would be a huge jump if it were accurate). I was watching Downton Abbey and got distracted it appears.

  3. jacquer

    Too much betting on the railroads, I suppose. (Why a predominantly European war would spark a decision to invest in a Canadian railroad, I just don’t understand).

  4. Joan Kennan

    Topher, would you happen to know how many people in the 55 and over age bracket live in Georgetown and Burleith? I am a board member of the Georgetown Village, an “aging in place” nonprofit. We would be very interested in this demographic, if you happen to have that information.


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