Counting Georgetown: Families



GM’s been going through the recent release of the American Community Survey and seeing what it has to say about Georgetowners. The other day, GM mentioned that the baby boom is continuing in Georgetown. Today he’ll explore that closer, and take a look at what the average family in Georgetown looks like.

According to the ACS, there are 4,187 households in Georgetown (that excludes the GU campus). There are 1,787 households with families in them. A family is defined to be a household with two or more people in it who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. So it could be a married couple, a family of five, or two siblings. The average family household size in Georgetown is 2.63.

Of the 1,787 family-households, 711 have children under the age of 18. About 360 families have only children under the age of 6. About 211 have children under 6 and over 6. And about 213 families have children only between the ages of 6 and 17. Thus there are more that 50% more families with only pre-school aged kids than there are families with kids already in school. That’s a boom.

There are about 84 “unmarried partner” households with same sex couples. There are about 193 unmarried partner household with opposite sex couples. The ACS doesn’t seem to capture married same sex couples.

There are about 60 households with single parent fathers and 54 households with single parent mothers.



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